Ooft Spencer Pratt Has Thrown A Shady Zinger At Nemesis Brody Jenner’s Failed Marriage


Spencer Pratt, aka the King of Brody Jenner Shade, has provided the Internet with some shade so shady we gotta get out our deckchairs and floppy hats to lay in it.

The Hills star seems to still be basking in all the glorious mess that is the break up between co-star Brody Jenner and his ex, Kaitlynn Carter, and her now-GF Miley Cyrus who also broke up with her hubby Liam Hemsworth messy mess mess.

Although this debacle is kinda old news, Spencer Pratt doesn’t want us to forget about it.

DailyMail tweeted an article about Silicon Valley star Thomas Middleditch and how swinger’s parties saved his marriage. The tweet was captioned, “Swinging saved our marriage”, to which Pratt retweeted with his own response, “until Miley comes along and swoops your girl #TheHills”

Now it’s not explicitly about Brody and Kaitlynn, however if our detective work serves us right, it’s pretty freaking clear that it is.

Despite B and K having a publicly ‘open relationship’, it didn’t last long when the couple tapped out after a year of marriage.

All is seemingly amicable now between the two, with both parties seeing other people and wishing them the best.

Looks like Spencer Pratt is the only one not being an adult about the situation…

- Tait McGregor

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