Lizzo Won Halloween This Year, Everyone Else May Leave

The "Truth Hurts" singer blew those other celebrity Halloween costumes out of the water.

Celebrities aren't exactly known for their subtlety on Halloween, and a global pandemic wasn't gonna stop them from hamming it up. Many opted for the classics –  Vanessa Hudgens went as Catwoman, Bella Thorne as Little Red Riding Hood and Chrissy Teigen as a white swan ballerina married to… Spider-Man? (I don't really get it, but eh, America. It's not my culture). 

And while all entries were of a very high-standard, there's one Halloween costume we just can't stop thinking about: Lizzo and her tribute to a certain debate stage interloper. 

Yep, if it wasn't enough to be a grammy-award winning artist, flautist and activist, Lizzo also just casually won Halloween this year in dressing up as 2020's low-key MVP: the maverick fly who sat defiantly on Mike Pence's head during his debate with Kamala Harris.

For the sake of backstory, the activist known only as 'debate fly' won hearts and minds when he burst onto the US' Vice Presidential Debate stage last month in what was likely a sit-in protest to the powers that be. Sitting perched on Mr Pence's head for a rumoured two minutes and three seconds, debate fly captivated audiences the world over; with many seeing their actions as a tacit endorsement of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' 2020 bid for the White House.

Lizzo's costume choice checks out. The LA-based artist did a 30-minute Instagram Live with Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris and has been campaigning for Joe Biden to replace Donald Trump as President of the United States in an election finally, finally set to take place this week. 

Lizzo's Instagram Live with Kamala Harris, by the way, is worth a watch. Catch it just below.

Written by Reena Gupta, a Melbourne-based writer at MTV Australia. Follow her at @purpletank.

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