Would You Let These Three GTL Lovin' Jersey Shore Guidos Raise Your Little Meatballs?


As much as we missed Mike while he was away serving an eight-month prison sentence, the Situation missed quite a bit himself. Namely, the births of two baby meatballs, CJ and Angelo, born to Deena and Snooki, respectively.

The latest Jersey Shore: Family Vacation saw the newest family members meeting Big Uncle Sitch for the first time — and perhaps giving him and Laurens a little baby fever.

"I missed out on so many moments in the past eight months," Mike shared. "Holding these babies right now, I'm speechless."

The mini-meatballs also got to share in a little quality bonding time with their other uncles, who vowed to teach them about "thotties" and "the boardwalk."

But boardwalks (and plenty of GTL missions, no doubt) aside, these pint-sized guidos surely have several life lessons they can learn from the crew. Here they are:

Mike's lesson: Live your best life

Whether he's noshing on Funfetti cake, ordering double bacon cheeseburgers from room service, delivering a few words of inspiration to his rehab alma mater or marrying his best friend, Mike has made it his mission to spend every day enjoying every minute.

Ronnie's lesson: Lean on your friends for support

Despite some of Ronnie's darkest days, there was one constant: His friends never once gave up on him. They were always there with jersey shore family vacation ronnie jen las vegasadvice, a hug or a glass of Ron Ron Juice.

Pauly's lesson: Don't take life too seriously

It's rare to see Pauly D without an ear-to-ear grin. Doesn't matter if he's announcing the arrival of the evening's transportation or making like a human alarm clock, the self-proclaimed prank war champion sees life as a massive party — and he's often at the center of it!

Vinny's lesson: Keep your mom close

Our resident keto guido has always been tight with his mother and not just because Paola always comes equipped with fresh prosciutto and mozzarella. He embraces her surprise visits and turns to her for girlfriend advice. And you can bet Deena and Snooki will be playing this role for their kids flawlessly!

What life lessons do you have for the littlest meatballs? 

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