Never Thought We’d Say This But Adele & Skepta Are Dating & Things Just Went Next Lvl


We interrupt your usual programming to bring you 2019’s 'Most Unexpected Couple': Adele and Skepta. What is that? Adepta? Skedele?

The rumours of their friendly friendship have been in the air since 2016 when Adele tweeted her fellow Tottenham local this kinda forward tweet:

And then catch his cute reply with “Love you. 🌹”. However, Adele was married at this point and we reckon it was just a bit of ~Hometown Glory~.  

Apparently Skepta was going quit rapping and music that day, until this absolute vision of a woman tweeted him and then he was back in the game. A sign, if you will.

Well now things have been heating up since 31-year-old Adele split from her ex-husband Simon Konecki in April and look, we’ll say it. We definitely did not see this coming.

According to The Sun, the pair have been on a number of dates, with a source saying, “No one saw it coming but there’s a whirlwind romance going on between Adele and Skepta. It’s been a bit of a brief fling so far. But these are two people who care about each other very much as friends so it’s very exciting times.”

So it’s not super legitskies it seems, BUT The Sun also reports Adele introduced Skepta to her BFFS James Corden and Laura Dockrill on a night out at London’s Crystal Maze Experience for Skepta’s 37th birthday. That a level up right there.

We're definitely going to keep a pulse on this new (possible) couple – we’re lowkey hoping a collab will happen.

- Tait McGregor

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