5 Of The Most EXTRA Moments To Ever Happen On My Super Sweet 16


Cue the Hilary Duff vocals, because all the nostalgia of My Super Sweet 16 has returned to MTV!

...And what better way to celebrate tonight's premiere than with a look back at the show's most extra teens and their Sweet Sixteens!

Looking back, how coudl we possibly forget all of the extravagant gifts, cars, celebrity performances, and tantrums, ALL of the tantrums!!!! 

1. Audrey

Audrey was all about throwing the most lavish, exclusive Quinceaneara that Miami has ever seen. She wasn't pleased when her parents surprised her with a brand new Lexus BEFORE her birthday! Obvs a Sweet 16 no-no. We couldn't help but cringe and love this episode at the same time!

2. Ava

Persian princess Ava wanted it all - a Mercedes, and just a casual trip to Paris to find the perfect party dress. Mama put her foot down on that one though! Sadly, Ava didn't get the car after all. Her mum cut her off after she snuck off to Santa Barbara with her BFF - Ouch! At least the party was still on! 

3. Sophie

How could we forget Sophie's melt down when she handed out her invites and one was stolen! Yikes. Her extra AF entrance in a 'magic box' carried by shirtless servants also had us lol'ing. 

4. Cher

Cher wanted a Mardi Gras-themed Sweet 16 complete with a float, choreographed dance, and a red Jaguar. But what Cher really wanted was to impress her friends and make sure her party was the best they'd ever attend.

5. Stephanie

Stephanie, who insisted on a Venetian Masquerade ball for her Quinceaneara, was nothing short of a perfectionist. She even told her back-up dancers they had to perform, even if they were 'dying of a bladder infection'. Wowzah. 

We can't wait to see even more extra moments this season!

- Ariana Pezeshki 

Watch the premiere episode of My Super Sweet 16 in a BRAND NEW season tonight at 8:30pm – only on MTV!

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