SPOILERS: Angelina From 'Jersey Shore' Arrives & Makes A Contestant Cry On 'A Double Shot At Love'


Just when you thought she'd left the Jersey Shore house for good, ANGELINA RETURNS!! 


The reality TV star dropped by on this week's episode of A Double Shot At Love to put her EMT skills to good use and save her former roommates from 'heartache.'

...But things didn't exactly go according to plan. 

Angelina pours shots for the whole house, but Nikki explains she doesn't drink. Angelina gives her a hard time, and when Mish tries to stick up for her, it ALL kicks off.

Watch the awkward encounter go down in the sneak peek clips below:

Angelina tells Mish she was "stupid," to speak for Nikki when Nikki can speak for herself. Mish runs upstairs crying and according to fellow contestant Maria, if Angelina spoke to someone like that where she's from, you "wouldn't have hair on your head," afterwards.


Will Angelina apologise to Mish?

Find out with all new episodes of A Double Shot At Love on Thursdays at 9:30pm, only on MTV! 

Check out the last episode of A Double Shot At Love below:

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