WATCH: Here's Your First Look at Broad City Season 5 Ahead Of Friday's Premiere


We're so close, you guys. The final season of Broad City is premiering this Friday, and we have a little spoiler to satisfy your cravings.

In the below sneak peek, Abbi and Ilana prepare for a walking tour of Manhattan in celebration of Abbi's 30th birthday, stocked with maps, fluids and a heavily discounted pair of Phillip Lims. (80% off! Bargain, much?)

...And to top it off, the entire episode is told through Ilana's Insta stories. Honestly, does this show get any more perfect?

Peep the new season in the clip below:

Broad City Season 5 premieres on Comedy Central on Friday 25th January - Watch on Fetch at 9:30pm or SKY at 9:40pm!

Need a little refresher? You can now watch previous seasons on!