We're Launching Four New Music Channels & You Are Absolutely Welcome

Fun update!

Music channels aren’t exactly new to us; we’ve been in this game for decades (see: "Video Killed The Radio Star"). Things might have changed a bit – we have awards shows now, and we’ve introduced you all to the wonders of the Jersey Shore – but we still love the core of what we do: which is, of course, music television. MTV! So we’re stoked to announce our slew of new music channels coming to Foxtel and Fetch soon.

Yep, from July 1 we’ll be launching a new collection of music channels, catering to all your music needs from country to club essentials and some all-time classic belters too. We’ll have tunes from both local artists and international acts, with our team of music experts and editors curating every single song we put out. You can expect some killer countdowns. 

Here’s a little taster of our new music channels, MTV Hits, Club MTV, MTV Classic and CMT:

Aaand while we're here, here's a little run-through of what to expect from each: 

MTV Hits

A channel exclusively for the chart-toppers, award-winners and stadium-fillers from Australia and across the globe. A non-stop music festival of the hottest hits right now.

Club MTV

The channel that never sleeps. Join us for the ultimate party where the beats are endless R&B, hip hop and dance. 

MTV Classic

MTV Classic is all about the good ol' original MTV stuff; from Aussie icons to the global supergroups and superstars of the '80s, '90s and naughties.


We're serving up the best in country music; from Nashville to Tamworth and everywhere in between. 

MTV HITS, Club MTV, MTV Classic and CMT will be available on Foxtel from July 1, as will the MTV music collection, which is coming to Fetch. 

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