REMEMBER WHEN: Kristin Rocked Up To Speidi's Wedding & We Were SHOOK On 'The Hills'


ICYMI, The Hills is about to return to our telly screens, and we ~literally~ cannot deal.

The Hills: New Beginnings reunites original cast members Audrina Patridge, Brody Jenner, Frankie Delgado, Heidi Pratt, Jason Wahler, Justin "Bobby" Brescia, Spencer Pratt, Stephanie Pratt and Whitney Port, and adds newcomers Brandon Thomas Lee and Mischa Barton. The series follows the cast as they navigate their personal and professional lives and face new chapters of life in Los Angeles.

To celebrate The Hills: New Beginnings, we’re counting down the most iconic moments from show’s first six seasons, from Lauren’s perfect mascara tears, to Justin Bobby’s combat boots at the beach.

Number nine on our list HAS to be when Lauren's Laguna Beach nemesis Kristin Cavallari rocked up to Heidi and Spencer's wedding and everyone was truly ~shooketh~

This moment comes from season five, episode ten of The Hills, and centres around Heidi and Spencer's wedding. On the morning of her wedding, Lauren surprises Heidi in her dressing room. While the gesture didn't completely mend the girl's troubled friendship, it felt like enough piping hot tea for one episode...or so we thought.

Fast-forward to moments before Speidi's nuptials, and who walks down the aisle to take a seat next to Justin Bobby? KRISTIN CAVALLARI.

AKA the queen bee of Laguna Beach AKA Lauren's arch nemesis AKA sh*t is about to go DOWN.

Lo and Frankie can't believe she's there, but it's Lauren's reaction that is the most priceless. Lo whispers to LC that "Kristin Cavallari is here...and you're matching" (they were both wearing blue dresses) and Lauren is not happy, Jan. 

After the wedding, Kristin sets her sights on Justin Bobby AND catches the bouquet. 

This ep also marked Lauren's departure from the show, and by the looks of it, there was a new girl in town very ready to make her mark. 

stay tuned as we cover more iconic moments from the hills in the lead-up to the hills: new beginnings, premiering on june 25, only on mtv!

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