Coolio Injured In Stage-Dive

Hardcore rapper Coolio has been injured after attempting to stage dive at a Stock-on Trent gig in the UK.

Poor Coolio!

Best known his 1995 hit 'Gangsta's Paradise', the rapper was performing to a Students Union at Stafford University on Wednesday night, when he decided to jump off stage into the crowd. Too bad for him, audience weren't prepared for the stage-dive and parted, sending the fallen star crashing to the ground. Shame!

If that wasn't bad enough, the students then proceeded to strip and mob Coolio of his bling- bling, fancy-brand sneakers and his bandana. His hired beef then attempted a Whitney Houston aka The Bodyguard style rescue to save the already embarrassed performer.

According to, witness barman James Fielden said '[Coolio] nearly flattened one poor girl. Then all the students decided to launch on him. They grabbed whatever they could, including his trainers, watch, chains and glasses. He was pulled back on stage by the bouncers. They got his shoes back for him.'

Coolio now joins the long list of celebrity stage dive mishaps which include Slipknot turn-tablist Sid Wilson. Sid allegedly climbed six metres up a stage awning and then jumped - hopeful fans below were either unable or unwilling to catch the rocker and he received multiple injuries. That's what you get!

It looks like the rapper won't be pulling anymore on-stage (or should we say off-stage) antics any time soon!

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