Yeaaah Buddy: We're Celebrating 10 Years Of Jersey Shore


It's been 10 years since Jersey Shore entered our lives and nothing's been the same since. To celebrate 10 years of GTL, we've put the complete series on sale on iTunes. Discounts? Come at me bro.

"Honey, I’m home?" Humbug. "Good morning, Vietnam?" Get outta here.

If you’re looking for the most iconic greeting of the past 10 years, consider directing your attention back to the inimitable Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, who captivated a nation a decade ago while entering a shared rental house at the Jersey Shore for the first time. In seconds, she uttered two words many stunned viewers wouldn’t soon forget:

Yep, way back in 2009, between President Obama’s inauguration, Kanye West rushing Taylor Swift off the VMAs stage and Twilight fever, one of MTV’s biggest pop culture risks proved to pay off, as Jersey Shore ­— which has since been reborn as Jersey Shore: Family Vacation — quickly became a gigantic hit for the network. Across the first season’s nine episodes, four self-proclaimed guidos and four proud guidettes taught us the merits of GTL, brought the house down while first-pumping at Club Karma and — when they weren’t fighting — warmed our hearts with reliably sweet Sunday dinners, featuring enough marinara to fill a bathtub.

Nowadays, it’s tough to remember Snooki without JWOWW, Pauly D without Vinny, but — let’s not forget — upon moving in, Seaside Heights’ eight finest housemates had never previously met. We can barely remember those first few interactions — can you?

That’s why — in honor of the show’s milestone anniversary (can you believe we first became acquainted with the shore on December 3, 2009?) — we’re looking back at those precious early moments, when “The Situation” ogled the rental’s famous Scarface poster, Ronnie suggested a stripper pole might complete the kitchen and Snooki was described as a chihuahua who’d been “spray-painted black.”

Check out the cast move-ins above, along with a few of our favorite highlighted moments, below. Then tell us what you’ll never forget about those first few moments from the Jersey Shore Season 1 premiere.

* Pauly had never even been to Jersey before and said he and Mike clicked “right off the bat” (ohhhh, how things would change).

* Sammi called both Pauly and Mike “hot as hell” while wearing a purple leopard halter top (again, how things would change…). She instantly agreed to bunk with the two of them, calling herself a “chill girl.”

* Vinny said Sammi “is not the hottest girl; I would definitely expect a little bit hotter” [uncomfortably stern emoji]. He also took the single bedroom to avoid sharing a room with JWOWW, whom he predicted would be too high maintenance because of her “big fake boobs.”

* Snooki’s car, sporting a number of dents, broke down while en route to the house and, almost again, while pulling into the rental’s driveway. Nicole famously demanded shots as she greeted a handful of her housemates, drawing a look from JWOWW that could have killed. No one was able to remember her nickname.

* Ronnie’s shirt was off before the rooms had been officially picked.

* Perhaps most famously, Angelina used garbage bags as luggage while moving in (Pauly called the choice “ghetto and weird,” asking, “No one in your family has a suitcase you can borrow?”). She proceeded to toast to Snooki with an empty red Solo cup.

- Matthew Scott Donnelly 

To celebrate 10 years of Jersey Shore, we're discounting every single ep of the show on iTunes right now. Aaaaw yeah. Our deal runs from now until the 10th of December, so get downloading. 

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