Someone Defaced David Bowie's Statue 48 Hours After It Was It Was Unveiled


David Bowie's new 'Eartly Messenger' statue was erected on Sunday night Aylesbury, United Kingdom, but 48 hours after the monument was installed, it was completely defaced by an unhappy local.

The statue was a crowd funded tribute dedicated to the singer who passed away of cancer in 2016, but the people of the town thought that the money could be better spent somewhere else. 

The words 'Feed the Homeless' were spray painted on the floor of the statue, with 'RIP DB' painted on the wall behind.

Music promoter David Stopps who funded the campain stated "There is a webcam on it 24/7, so whoever did it, we have got them on webcam".

While we agree that whoever did this may have a point, it looks like more tax payer dollars are going to be used to clean up this vandalised mess. 

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