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We’ve Compiled A Complete Guide With Every Little Fact About Yr New Crush Darren Barnet From ‘Never Have I Ever’


Netflix is hitting good right now, with new shows popping off every week it seems. And yeh, we are binging every.single.one.

The latest to grace our screens is Never Have I Ever, co-created by the hilarious Mindy Kaling (she’s the mastermind behind The Mindy Project, a writer on The Office, starred in Ocean’s 8, No Strings Attached…the list goes on), and is yet again giving us a new on-screen crush.

C’mon, we’re just getting over Chase Stokes here. It's really hard to keep up with all of our internet boyfriends.

If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s time to introduce you to Darren Barnet, who plays love interest Paxton Hall-Yoshida. We warn you: this guy is confident, charismatic and so much more than a pretty face.

Here is absolutely everything we could find on your newest isolation infatuation to make you fall deeper in love.

Who is Darren Barnet?

Darren Charles Barnet was born on April 27, 1991, in California. He’s 29 in real life AND YET he plays a sophomore on Never Have I Ever.FYI sophomores are around 15 years old - does he defy aging? We think so.

He’s incredibly close with his older sister, Jen, and younger sister Emily. He also stands at 5’10” aka 177cm, so go ahead and make an accurate life-size cut out with that information.

He’s a smart cookie.

At 12-years-old, Darren moved to Orlando, Florida with his family and studied at Dr. Phillips High School in a rigorous program that requires their students to maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher and take college-level classes. He graduated in 2009 as the captain of the Lacrosse team (surprise, surprise) and was apparently so dedicated to his academics, he never attended a high school party. Darren was then accepted to Berry College in Georgia in their Gate of Opportunity scholarship program (read: full academic scholarship) where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 2013. This boy has some serious brains.

Darren hates swimming.

Ironically, the very first scene we see of Paxton in Never Have I Ever, he’s emerging from a swimming pool, dripping went like a glorious Adonis. However, it turns out Darren hates swimming. He told Teen Vogue, “swimming was just my Achilles heel”. That’s acting for ya.

However, he lists basketball, Lacrosse (obviously), boxing and martial arts among his favourite sports.

He used to work at SoulCycle like every good Californian.

When Darren moved back to California for acting, he got a job on Sunset Boulevard as a bike attendant and front desk associate for SoulCycle – a cult-followed indoor cycling class centre.

According to his Instagram, he’d park a mile away and walk in to work, dreaming of having his face on the movie posters along the boulevard.

He’s multilingual.

Coming from Japanese-American descent (with also Cherokee Indian, German, and Swedish in his veins), Darren is multilingual. He speaks Japanese, which is how his role was transformed from Paxton Hall to Paxton Hall-Yoshida. Rumour has it, he was chatting to the assistant director in Japanese when Mindy Kaling overheard him. She then asked if they could reimaging his character to match his ethnicity and thus Paxton Hall-Yoshida was born.

Darren can also apparently speak conversational Spanish and also studied French, so if you try to subliminally message him with some Lady Marmalade, he’ll understand everything.

The big Q: is he single?

Here we go, let’s tackle the dating history, shall we?

His last long-term relationship was with E! producer Cassie Maynard, with the pair dating from December 2014 to some time close to January 2017. There’s no confirmation that Darren is seeing anyone but also no confirmation that he’s single (although, he did say he’s isolating alone…). So shoot your shot, y’all! What’s there to lose?

He has multiple side-hustles.

Oh boy, this is getting good now. Darren isn’t just an actor. He’s also a writer and is currently working on a pilot script for a suspense thriller (we’ll play the damsel in distress plz).

On top of that, he’s also a lyricist AND you are WELCOME because we’ve found his inactive SoundCloud where he used to upload his original hip hop tracks under the name ‘Charlie Sound’. A few of these tracks feature E-Breanna who is very possibly his younger sister Emily as her middle name is Breanna, but that’s unconfirmed.

THEN on top of THAT, he’s also got his Californian real estate licence. Upon moving back to Cali to chase the acting dream, he had the fallback foresight of a job in real estate (we’d buy anything from someone with those eyes, tbh) and went to real estate school to get his licence.

What can’t he do.  

His other acting gigs.

You can stalk a bit of Darren in the Facebook Watch series, Turnt; catch him as young Jack in This Is Us; see him in a bit part on Criminal Minds; and will be stoked to hear he’s starring in the upcoming flick American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules.

He was also in the running to play Trevor in After We Collided, from the After series which was written originally as a Harry Styles fan-fic. The fandom of the series pushed hard for him to grab the role, but it coincided with NHIE and ultimately went to Dylan Sprouse.

What’s he up to rn?

He’s self-isolating California (we assume), and has actually made a very in-depth video of what exactly he’s up to. Check it out:

That’s the tea, all you Darren Burnet fans. One last bonus titbit for you before you go binge NHIE: Darren’s never been out of North or South America, so we reckon it’s time us Australians rally to bring him down under once travel restrictions lift.

Who’s ready to start this campaign with us?

Main Image Credit: Licensed by Getty, Instagram @darrenbarnet, Netflix

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