Take A Minute To Stop & Think About How Drake Has A $620K Bed, Then Gently Weep With Us


Drake is no stranger to Luxury. 

The Canadian rapper has been on a ~Champagne Diet~ for years, but now it’s VERY clear he ain’t on no beer budget. 

In a recent Architectural Digest cover story, Champagne Papi gave us plebs an all-access pass to his lavish new CRIB. 

And if like us, you've already combed through the (digital) pages of this simply ICONIC spread it seems our dear friend Drizzy left out a major detail about his bedroom suite. 

HIS MATTRESS COST HIM AU$620,000AUD (US$395, 000). 


The bed, which at this point we assume must be made of literal gold, was produced by Hästens—a fifth-generation, family-owned Swedish bed-maker who pretty much specialise in fancy AF beds for celebs who are willing to cough up at least $15K for a mattress. 

This addition to Drake's not so humble abode was made in collaboration with interior/architectural designer Ferris Rafauli. He is also the creative mind behind the rest of Drake's insane new home. 

In the AD interview Drake revealed that his favourite spot in his house was the 3,200 square foot master bedroom suite. “The bedroom is where I come to decompress from the world at the end of the night and where I open my eyes to seize the day," he said.

Look, we get it. If you’ve just dropped over $600K on a mattress, and god knows what on a 500 square foot mansion in Toronto, you’re going to need something to help you sleep at night. 

When you thought this bed  couldn't get any more bougie we’ve got a gem for you. It also has a name - Grand Vividus. Why? Who the hell cares at this point. It just SOUNDS expensive.

But what we do know is that the bed and bed base alone weigh roughly 1 tonne. FYI that’s the weight of a full grown polar bear for those of you who are keeping up.

If we’ve left you wondering why you’re still sleeping on a horrific mattress you got for free when you bought a bed at Fantastic Furniture - don't worry -  YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Rest easy (or not) knowing we're all probably not getting that deep REM sleep we deserve.

Main Image Credit: Licensed by Getty.

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