Elon Musk Could Fuel Renewable Energy With His Steaming EDM Music Debut


The question begs to be asked what on earth propelled Elon Musk to start dabbling in areas that probably should remain untouched. Possibly it’s his innate drive to discover the impossible or an influence from his baby mama Grimes. Regardless, perhaps this world-class SpaceX creator should steer clear of music. At least from what he’s released thus far.

You may remember last year that the AU$51.1 billion man dropped an auto-tuned rap track called ‘RIP Harambe’, paying homage to the slain gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo. It’s been streamed 2.7+million times.

His lyrical genius produced the lines, “RIP Harambe / Sipping on some Bombay / We on our way to heaven / Amen, Amen / RIP Harambe / Smoking on some strong / In the gorilla zoo / And we thinking about you.” Tell ya, Eminem better watch his back!!1!

Now the Tesla CEO’s fictitious record label Emo G Records has dropped another slapper called ‘Don’t Doubt ur Vibe’, this time venturing into the EDM scene.

And it is a steaming hot pile of absolute shit. So hot that it, as this article’s title suggests, should be used as a renewable energy source.

Now, of course we know that Musk isn’t really trying to launch an epic music career (or at least we hope so) but sometimes you have to consider the quality of content you’re blessing this world with. And without a doubt, had he not been a billionaire mogul, this track would never have otherwise seen the light of day.

Musk’s girlfriend Grimes shared a glimpse into his studio sesh, creating this ‘Elon Mess’, and it’s about as cringey as his dancing.

The track’s quite a transient vibe and not really a club banger – probably perfect when travelling in your space buggy on Mars….

Well Elon, it’s safe to say please do not quit your day job. The world does need you, and it definitely does not need your music.

- Tait McGregor

Main Image Credit: Licensed by Getty

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