WATCH: Charlotte Crosby Celebrates International Women's Day By Screaming 'I Have An Amazing Vagina' At Strangers


We enlisted the help of Just Tattoo Of Us star, Charlotte Crosby, to spread an important message around self-confidence in celebration of International Women's Day.

So of course she spoke about how incredible her ~nether regions~ are.

MTV took to the streets to encourage gals to get involved in the 'Shit Hot Challenge' where we asked them to name three reasons why they're shit hot aka why they're amazing, accomplished and fkn fabulous.

When we ran in the former Geordie Shore star, she simply wanted to shout "I have an amazing vagina" at strangers walking by. YES QUEEN.

Watch below...

International Women's Day takes place on Sunday 8th March, tell us why you're shit hot by using the hashtag #shithotchallenge on socials.

Or simply scream it from the rooftops like Charlotte Crosby.

Main Image Credit: YouTube, MTV Australia.

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