Surprise! 'The Kissing Booth' Is Getting A Third Film & It'll Hit Netflix Next Year

Best secret ever.

In some of the best news we’ve heard all month, turns out that while the cast and crew were filming The Kissing Booth 2, they were also shooting a third instalment of the teen rom-com. It'll hit Netflix in 2021.

Yep, The Kissing Booth 3 was filmed at the same location as the second film and will bring back the entire cast, including Elle (Joey King), Noah (Jacob Elordi), Lee (Joel Courtney) and Marco (Taylor Zakhar Perez), reports Variety. “It was the hardest secret to keep,” Joel said during a live YouTube event with the cast over the weekend. The film is currently in post-production.

The Kissing Booth 2 hit Netflix last week, two years after the original film debuted on the platform, becoming its most rewatched movie of 2018.

Picking up right where the last film left off, the new movie sees Elle and reformed bad boy boyfriend Noah spending the summer together before he leaves for Harvard University and she starts her high school senior year. There, Elle has to navigate uni applications with her best guy mate, her friendship with new classmate/huge babe Marco and her long distance relationship with Noah ­– which becomes that much trickier when he grows close to uni girl. Cue: drama.  

What'll go down in The Kissing Booth 3? We don't know too much yet, but the trailer gives away a few nuggets. See below.

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