What Do We All Think About Justin Bieber's New Neck Tattoo?

Justin Bieber has some new ink: a rose tattoo running all the way down his neck.

Justin Bieber has some new ink: a rose tattoo running all the way down his neck.

Justin Bieber, who recently played Drake in a music video, is one of those incredibly famous people you'd still be able to recognize even if you couldn't see his face. Pretty much his entire upper body is covered in tattoos, which you can see very clearly in the aforementioned music video, including a lion head and a bear head on his chest and the words "Son of God" across his stomach.

But one piece of ink not featured in the clip is his latest: a rose that fits neatly along the length of his neck. Bieber showed off the new tat on Instagram earlier this week and gave a shout-out to the artist, Dr. Woo.

Along with a behind-the-scenes clip of the inking process, Bieber also shared a clip of him singing the 1998 K-Ci & JoJo song "All My Life" while accompanying himself on piano this weekend. Along with that, he also posted several pics of him sporting a shirt with daisies on it as well as another piano melody.

The new ideas, as well as the new tattoo, are just part of a year of big changes for Bieber. In February, he released his first album in five years, Changes, complete with a probing docu-series that captured how drastically his life had been altered since his last LP, Purpose.

Check out Bieber's new ink – as well as his musical journeys – in the Instagram posts above.

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