SPOILERS: The Contestants Have To Confront Their Emotional Baggage On 'Double Shot At Love'


We're getting to the pointy end of Vinny and Pauly D's search for ~the one~ on A Double Shot At Love and things are getting pretty darn serious.

This week, the contestants are quite literally faced with their emotional 'baggage' during a challenge which involves untangling their 'hearts' and busting the lock to their lurve.

Check out the confronting challenge in the sneak peek clips below:

\Pauly D says, "I feel a little bad calling these women out on their baggage, because everybody has baggage, and people don't really wanna air it out."

"But in this type of process, you've got to let go of your baggage if you want to date Vinny and I. Like, our baggage is OUT there, you're gonna need to do the same."

Will the ladies be able to face their baggage and air those metaphorical suitcases out? 

Find out with all new episodes of A Double Shot At Love on Thursdays at 9:30pm, only on MTV! 

Check out the last episode of A Double Shot At Love here:

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