SPOILERS: Will Vinny Take Snooki's Advice On 'A Double Shot At Love'?


The "party's here" at A Double Shot at Love.

During tonight's brand-new episode of the dating series, Vinny brought the ladies to his hometown of Staten Island, and when the girls arrived at a local pizza restaurant, he teased that a "special friend" would be joining. While some women thought it might be his mom Paola and others guessed it would be Uncle Nino, it was none other than Snooki.


"Oh my god, am I Oprah?" Nicole perfectly asked as she walked in to lots of shrieking. She immediately complimented everyone by saying, "Oh my God, you're all so cute!" and sat down for some much-needed Italian cuisine. And yes, the past Jersey Shore hookup was an immediate topic.

"I'm usually not allowed to hang out or sit next to Nicole," Vinny quipped as they settled around the table, while she countered with, "Oh, we're over it."

But shifting back to Nicole's role: helping her roomie find a "good girl." And Vinny had complete trust in Nicole that she would be a helpful asset (a big slight shift in tone when talking about the other JS surprise -- aka Angelina).

From realizing Suzi "looks like me!" to asking the girls the last time they had sex (Derynn is apparently "a dessert"), Snooki went "full on mommy" to find the best match for Vin. And after a lighthearted meal, it was time for Nicole to give her feedback to him -- with some funny descriptions/pointing gestures.

Check out Snooki's advice in the sneak peek clips below:

"I really like that girl [Suzi], the MILF [Brittnay]," she began. "I feel like you have a connection with this one, the brunette [Maria]. But I really like this girl too [Elle]."

Vinny was grateful to have Nicole's help -- and appreciated her question about when he can bang them (some things just won't ever, ever change). While Vinny (and Pauly) told Suzi her cab had arrived, will he zero in on the three girls -- Brittnay, Maria and Elle -- Snooki singled out as special picks? Or will he give someone else a shot at love? 

- Jordana Ossad

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