Olivia Rodrigo Spotted Smooching New Boyfriend Against A Car, Remains On Brand

What’s this? A once-heartbroken Olivia Rodrigo kissing new boyfriend Adam Faze against a car and then giving a cheeky smile to paparazzi? Good 4 U, love!

Since whenever Olivia Rodrigo got her driver’s license, she’s been hooning all about town telling everyone about how she can legally get behind the wheel. As someone who is 8 years her senior and still cannot do that, I say good for you!!!

However, the 18-year-old’s latest escapade apparently had her rumoured new boyfriend, 24-year-old producer and former Forbes writer Adam Faze, in the passenger’s seat. They pulled up in an undisclosed location, paparazzi not far behind them, and planted one on one another all for the paps to see.

And then, Rodrigo flashed them a smile! Cute! See pics below.

Now, Faze isn’t entirely a new man on the scene. According to E!, Rodrigo brought Faze along as her plus one to the premiere of Space Jam 2 at California’s Six Flags Magic Mountain towards the end of last month.

Apparently, Rodrigo wasn’t trying to keep the fling a secret. She reportedly introduced Faze as her boyfriend, spent the entirety of the evening together, went on “all the rides” at the theme park and were even spotted “holding hands at one point”. Some very Brady Bunch-esque, wholesome, family fun vibes here, folks.

Reporter Stuart Brazell was in attendance at the premiere, and she shared some info on what she observed of the couple with E!.

“(They were) really cute, but not too overly touchy,” Brazell said. “The two of them together felt comfortable and newish, and it seemed like he also knew a lot of people there. It just felt like comfortable, cuddly, new young love."

Considering the amount of people who just learned about Rodrigo’s existence in January, the investment the public has in her love life is astounding. We just want you to be happy, Liv! But for now, we’ll just wait and see where Rodrigo, Faze and her god forsaken driver’s license take them next.

Written by Jackson Langford, senior music and culture writer at MTV Australia. Hot takes at @jacksonlangford and hotter pics at @jacksonlangford.

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