SPOILERS: Vinny & Pauly D Call Nikki Out On Her Jealous Fights With The Other Girls


Living in a house with 20 other girls all vying for the love of two guidos is no easy feat...or at least it hasn't been for Double Shot At Love contestant Nikki.

After being voted the most jealous (and thirsty) by the other ladies in the house, Nikki tries to redeem herself on a date with Vinny and Pauly D.

"If this is going to be someone that Pauly is interested in, then I have to know if this sh*t is true," Vinny says.

Nikki insists her intentions are good, and says she the other girls "think they deserve it more than I do."

Watch Nikki's confrontation with Pauly D & Vinny in the sneak peek clips below:

"I'm being picked on every day...I can't make them like me," she tells the guys.

When Pauly asks Nikki why she has been ignoring him, she says she was told to "take it down two notches," but she "took it down a whole lot."

Nikki explains she's either "all or nothing," but Vinny and Pauly D explain she needs to find a middle ground. Later, Nikki opens up about growing up without a mum and her dad leaving when she was just twelve years old. 

"It makes sense now," Pauly says. "There's so many different layers."

Will Nikki and Pauly D find love together? 

Find out with all new episodes of A Double Shot At Love on Thursdays at 9:30pm, only on MTV!

Check out episode 5 in the clips below:

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