This Poor Individual Was Being Catfished By His Own Sister

Talk about awkward.

Best friends, exes, scorned cousins: Catfish come in all shapes and sizes, but the show’s latest adventure got creepily close to the family tree and made Cruel Intentions look tame.

It all started with a man named Dre, a native of Shreveport, Louisiana whom Nev and Kamie met through a Zoom call. Dre, described by his brother as a “born flirt,” had been talking to a makeup artist named Casey through Instagram and loved that she was attentive and confident.

The big problem? Casey wouldn’t call or video chat and once implied she needed money to fix her phone. The bigger problem? Dre had a girlfriend of six years, with whom he had a daughter.

In an ideal world, Dre said, he, his girlfriend Rebecca and Casey could exist in a relationship together, but Kamie pointed out that such a thing wasn’t his choice to make on Rebecca’s behalf (a point Rebecca made even clearer by kicking Dre out of the house only a day before he met Nev and Kamie).

Kamie suspected the Catfish culprit was Rebecca, but nonetheless, she and Nev began their investigation. Along the way, they reached out to Tasha – a woman featured on Dre’s Facebook page who eventually explained she was Dre’s sister. Tasha said Dre was not a “one-woman man,” adding Rebecca would be smart to leave him.

“I can’t see why she’d want him,” Tasha said. “He looks like a worm with a beard.”

Eventually, Nev and Kam texted Casey and got her to agree to a Zoom chat – but once she logged on, they met a woman they’d never seen before. The stranger introduced herself as Charisma, a 22-year-old aspiring mortician from Dallas who said she was taken by Dre because he was “chill and himself.” And though Charisma had been lying to Dre for some time, it was clear that he was smitten with her.

Then, just when it appeared as though Charisma had Dre hook, line and sinker, another woman came into view. It was Dre’s sister, Jackie.


Jackie admitted that Charisma, a friend of hers, was simply a decoy and that it was she who’d been fooling Dre with Casey’s profile. The reason? Jackie said she was tired of Dre treating Rebecca poorly and wanted to expose him for constantly flirting with other women.

“You’re kind of a thot,” Jackie said. “You be acting thirsty on social media and you got a whole girlfriend that loves you. You got a baby; you got a daughter. I just wanted you to respect your girlfriend."

Jackie added that she never told Rebecca she’d been playing Dre and noted that her intention was to help — not harm — the couple’s relationship by exposing her brother's flaws.

“I feel hurt because I’m a woman. Nobody wants to feel like that,” Jackie said. “I just wanted to make you feel how Rebecca be feeling…it ain’t right. You need to grow up.”

And Dre, who’d been reluctant to accept any criticism throughout the Catfish investigation, seemed to finally get the point.

“I understand your perspective,” he said. “I’m definitely gonna work on myself…hopefully, she takes me back.”

And she did. Two months later, Dre told the team he and Rebecca worked through their troubles and agreed to stay together.

But what do you think: Will the couple's relationship last? And will Dre ever really be a one-woman man? New episodes of MTV's Catfish drop on Tuesday nights at 9.30pm on Foxtel (channel 124), Sky (015), Fetch (104). You can also catch episodes here on and on Stan

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