Kaitlynn Carter Has Spilled Some More Deets On Life After Dating Miley Cyrus


The Hills: New Beginnings’ Kaitlynn Carter breaking up with her husband-not-husband Brody Jenner and dating the recently-divorced Miley Cyrus was ~hot goss~ last year.

It was the saga that unfolded over weeks, with a vacay to Italy to birthing #HotGirlSummer.

And then it ended.

It was devastating that these recently single girls who found a fiery new love went a new way. Then there was the drama post-break up of being seen out on the town… Miley hooking up with Cody Simpson (who are still together, and we ship. Hard).

Kaitlynn, 31, opened up to co-star Whitney Port on Insta Live on April 16 about her life post-Miley.

“What happened to me, basically just after Miley and I went our separate ways, I thought, ‘OK, my life’s just kinda going back to the way it normally was for me when I’m on my own.’ I had no expectations that anyone would give a sh*t about me by myself. I had no plan in place. I didn’t think about anything. For example, I was dealing with a lot emotionally at that time, obviously, and I really wasn’t going out anywhere. I was just staying home,” she told Whitney.

Kaitlynn then opened up about the paparazzi still following her – something she hadn’t experienced out of a relationship.

 “I just didn’t anticipate anything like this happening. I’m used to it when I’m, like, with Brody [Jenner] or when I was with her, but never when I’m on my own. My mind is just swirling,” she admitted.

Then Kaitlynn addressed headlines about her “out on the town, partying with a mystery man just two weeks after her breakup”.

“I was just so mortified…the narrative was so not what the actual situation was and that was such a wake-up call for me…I had always gone with the flow or whatever people say they say, I don’t care.

“In relationships especially, I have always taken a back seat a little bit and sort of trusted the person I’m with to run the show, especially publicly because it’s never really been something that I wanted. I never really wanted to put myself out there that way,” she said.

It can’t be easy having your entire personal life documented in the public eye, but it sounds like Kaitlynn’s coming to terms with it.

- Tait McGregor

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