Ariana Grande Is A Mod Fembot In Groovy '34+35’ Video

Yeah, baby!

Move over, President Ariana Grande. Esteemed robotics scientist Ariana Grande is here to build you a fembot  and this time, she's gone full '60s mod with a little help from Director X. In the whimsical new video for "34+35", Grande goes back to the drawing board to build the perfect woman, or machine-woman, in a vibe straight out of Austin Powers.

Grande plays both the scientist and the creation, fitted with all sorts of metallic goodies as she lies on a cold steel table like Anakin Skywalker. By the end, everyone's adopted the pink sheer, fluffy nightgowns the Austin Powers fembots rocked just before they all went haywire due to that hero's raw sexual energy. Some might say: Yeah, baby!

The scientific action is intercut with incredibly stylish scenes of Grande grounded in elegant choreography, often sitting or, um, lying down, over a blank expanse decorated with mod polka dots. This is all for her sprightly Positions song about 69ing, remember, which makes everything feel giddier than it probably is.

Director X, who helmed the clip, has a long track record of making meme-able music video moments, from Drake's iconic "Hotline Bling" video to Rosalía and J Balvin taking flight in "Con Altura". Now, where are the GIFs of a robotic Ari coming to life amid a wild electronic forcefield of white light and energy? I'll wait.

Check out Grande becoming a fembot in the groovy video for "34+35" above.

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