There’s A Real, Actual Petition To Rename Mars After David Bowie

Would sign, tbh.

After David Bowie passed away on Sunday at age 69, fans around the world grieved and responded in a number of different ways. Some revisited vintage footage of the legend in action, some gathered at makeshift memorial spots to pay tribute to him… and some got straight to work to make sure his legacy would live in on in fittingly fabulous ways.

That seems to be the motivating factor behind several Bowie-centric petitions that have popped up to honor the late Starman. One of the most surprising, and ambitious, is a petition to rename the planet Mars after Bowie. The idea was dreamt up by London-based visual artist and composer Danny Rapscallion, who wrote on the petition’s page, “Essentially David Bowie has inspired millions through his art and music particularly spotlighting his fascination with space, the planets & extra terrestrial existence. [He] has driven people to watch the stars and the night sky, to open their minds and forward think astronomically.

“He gave us so much,” he continued. “A piece of the galaxy in return is just a drop in the universe.”

The petition has racked up almost 5,000 signatures thus far, and Rapscallion told MTV News he never expected it to get that popular.

“I had high hopes for this, although I honestly thought it would be signed by a few friends,” he said. “I just wanted to bow to my hero in some way.”

Rapscallion said he’s still trying to work out the end game for the petition and figure out how it could become a reality, though he does admit it’s quite a far-reaching goal.

“I think chances unfortunately are slim, due to the grand nature of the change,” he said. “But I still have a fantastical and romantic belief behind it. […] The ultimate is that it succeeds, of course, for the sake of its proprietor — Mr. Bowie.”

Rapscallion isn’t the only fan who wants to honor his favorite artist in a big way. Another petition calls for Bowie to be featured on a forthcoming £20 banknote in the U.K., and has just shy of 15,000 signatures. Its creator, Simon Mitchell, wrote, “The Bank of England is due to announce a successor to Adam Smith, who is currently featured on the reverse of the UK £20, and the public were asked to nominate a non-living visual artist. Bowie’s innovation and art included painting as well as his better know music and acting careers. As a non-living visual artist he now meets the Bank of England’s Criteria for the next person to feature on the £20 note.”

Other creative petitions floating around include one to establish a Bowie museum or music center, one to put his image on a special edition postage stamp, and even one to have him featured in “World of Warcraft.”

Just remember: No matter what, Bowie’s legacy will continue to burn bright and live on through his music — planet or no planet, museum or no museum, postage stamp or no postage stamp.

Madeline Roth

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