WATCH: Logic & Eminem's 'Homicide' Video Features Chris D'Elia & Chauncey Leopardi


What do you do when you can't get Eminem in your video? If you're Logic, you get creative and enlist the help of some friends.

In the comedic clip for the rappers' Confessions of a Dangerous Mind collaboration, "Homicide," Logic gets a phone call from Def Jam CEO Paul Rosenberg, who informs him that Em can't make the shoot. What ensues is seven minutes of sardonic and meta ridiculousness, as Logic resorts to using body doubles for him and Em.

Chauncey Leopardi — a.k.a. Michael "Squints" Palledorous from The Sandlot — does an awesomely accurate take on Logic, but the real hilarity begins when Eminem's double is introduced. It's none other than Chris D'Elia, whose parody videos imitating Em's freestyles got the attention of the MC himself. And if you're thinking, "Uhh... Chris D'Elia doesn't look anything like Eminem," just wait until you see the comedian in a Slim Shady-esque blonde wig and a white tank.

The best part? In the end, the real Marshall Mathers does appear, flipping the script and flawlessly impersonating D'Elia's viral impression of him. Everything comes full circle.

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