Lady Gaga’s Face Masks At The 2020 VMAs Deserve Their Own Damn Awards Show

Tracking every single outfit (mask) Lady Gaga wore at the 2020 MTV VMAs.

Tracking the many masks of Lady Gaga at the 2020 MTV VMAs because they really were that good. 

When it comes to fashion (or anything, actually), Lady Gaga isn’t really known for her subtlety. And here at MTV Australia, we couldn’t be more grateful for Gaga going that extra mile (of extra) every time.

In true Lady Gaga style, the powerhouse singer – who nabbed five MTV Video Music Awards this morning – debuted a different outfit each time she took to the stage. 

Gaga's mask-game was especially strong, and she didn’t mince words when it came to the public health message she was getting across. “Wear a mask”, the artist affirmed. “It’s a sign of respect”. Hell yes, you guys. Listen to your president.

Here’s a quick rundown of Lady Gaga’s five most iconic fashion looks at the 2020 VMAs….

1. Space Gaga 

This was less a mask than a bubble shield, and I’ve got to say if someone asked me to imagine what 2020 would look like when I was a kid, this would be it. 

A cute tribute to the MTV Moon Person Trophy, this look was curated by Conrad by Conrad. In the words of a friend, “it’s like she’s at a futuristic cocktail party on Mars”. Seriously.

2. Horror Movie Gaga 

For a slight change of tone, Gaga later claimed her first VMA for Best Collaboration looking a bit like the masked serial killer of that very long, very Nordic Netflix series you watched in the early days of the pandemic. That pink mask by the way was designed by Spanish designer Cecilio Castrillo. Check out his other designs here, which are frankly terrifying.

3. Dressed-Down Gaga (With Tusks?)

Now, at first this seems like a very stepped-down look by Gaga-standards, until you see the TUSKED MASK. Maybe not a great choice for the supermarket. 

Gaga changed into the outfit to accept her VMA for Best Song with "Rain on Me", which she collaborated on with fellow artist Ariana Grande. As you must know by now, Gaga and Grande performed their hit single together at the awards show too.

Designer Lance Victor Moore is the mastermind behind the studded mask look, who looks to specialise in the mask game. Sounds like a good gig.

4. Metallic Gaga

Now this look is a personal favourite. Clinging to her VMA for Artist of the Year, Gaga was decked out in metallic silver – including, of course, a dazzling silver mask, courtesy of Indonesian designer Maison Met (also known as Mety Choa). 

5. Queen Gaga 

While that Maison Met mask stayed in place for Lady Gaga's final award of the evening (we wouldn't take it off either!), she stepped things up by adding a glistening silver crown (another piece from Lance Victor Moore). 

This was Gaga’s biggest achievement of the night, collecting MTV’s brand new Tricon VMA. Paired with the most futuristically-regal metal jacket, bra and choker combo we’ve ever seen, we're basically not worthy at this point.

And if Gaga’s first look had her looking a guest at a party on Mars; this is her turn as queen of that whole damn planet. A fitting sartorial celebration of the first-ever Tricon recipient in MTV history.

But regardless of all the high-drama, the masks, the haute couture – Gaga was humble enough not to make it all about her. “Take a moment to reward yourself for your bravery”, she said. “This has not been an easy year”. Hey cheers, LG. Maybe we will.

Main Image Credit: Getty, @ladygaga & @lance.v.moore

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