Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry Announces The Name Of Her Fourth Son Via Instagram


Kailyn Lowry gave birth to her fourth son on July 30 and did not share a glimpse of the MTV newborn, or reveal his name, when she announced his arrival. But now (phew!), the newest and tiniest Teen Mom 2 cast member is ready to make his grand debut. Well, more like his mama was ready to share his first photo and tell us all his moniker.

"C R E E D • guiding principle," Kail captioned the photograph above with Baby Creed.

Isaac, Lincoln and Lux's litte brother entered the world at the end of last month and Kail gushed to E! News that everyone was "so in love" with the latest addition to the Lowry household. Kail also quipped that she could "check giving birth during a pandemic" off of her bucket list, a unique distinction compared to her three other kiddos! And pretty soon, Kail will document her fourth pregnancy on the upcoming Teen Mom 2 season (premiering on September 1).

Stay with MTV for more updates on the tiniest member of Kail's brood, catch new episodes of Teen Mom 2 in September. Check out a sneak peek of Kail in the supersized sneak peek below.

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