If You're Frothing 'Outer Banks' Star Chase Stokes We've Spent Way Too Long Digging Deep To Bring You Everything You Need To Know


Outer Banks is the freshest teen drama to sink your teeth into on Netflix. According to IMDb, the show is about “a group of teenagers from the wrong side of the tracks [who] stumble upon a treasure map that unearths a long buried secret.”

Oooh yeah, we love a bit of mystery tied up neatly in a young adult storyline.

Leading the pack is John B (never just John FYI. Always “John B”), played by Chase Stokes. He’s bound to be your next television crush, so we’ve compiled everything we could find on the Internet into one handy resource to get to know him a little better.

Who is Chase Stokes?

Chase was born on September 16, 1992 (we’ll do the maths: he’s turning 28 this year) in Annapolis, Maryland.

He moved to Florida where he attended Timber Creek High School and later graduated from the University of Central Florida. He now lives in Los Angeles for his acting career.

He also stands at 6’1” (aka 185cm) so do with that information what you will.

He comes from a biiiig family

Chase is the oldest of seven children. No wonder he nails being a leader on Outer Banks. He’d be quite the role model for his siblings.

He was going to be a professional ice hockey player before acting

Turns out he’s pretty athletic (surprise, surprise) and was actually tempted to pursue a career in ice hockey.

In an interview with Brief Take, the actor outlined that the physical risk of the sport turned him off it. “I was going to play in college and then do the professional route, but after some injuries happened, I had the realisation that I definitely don’t want the lifelong effects of that,” he said.

On a very selfish level we're glad he chose acting.

You’ve probably seen him on TV before

Yep, Outer Banks isn’t Chase’s first rodeo. His other notable acting credits include NBC’s One Of Us Is Lying and a minor part as Reed on season one of Stranger Things.

This here is a short film Chase wrote with his buddies back in 2014 called Lost Island. If you skip to 01:56, you’ll hear his voice as Captain Charles Whitaker. Beautiful stuff.

So, is he single and if so what’s his type?

The way to Chase’s heart is through the brain, as he told Glamour.

“I’m really, really attracted to intellect. Any mental thing. Physicality sort of becomes a secondary thing for me. I’m so in tune with people’s hearts and people’s souls and deep conversations before I even start to look at the sexuality stuff. I’m not a typical, sexual-driven male. For me, it’s more about, I want to have a deep, in-depth conversation with somebody before I even think about the physical intimacy of it. So anybody that can get in touch with my brain and then my soul, that’s what’s going to turn me on the most.”

But before you get too excited, rumour has it he might be dating his OB co-star, Madelyn Cline. Damn, we thought we had a Chase. We mean, chance.

He's a modern poet

A quick look at Chase’s Instagram (@hichasestokes) will tell you the actor is an eloquent wordsmith. According to one of his poetry posts, we’ll soon be getting a whole book of his literary art. That’s wholesome content if you ask us. SwooooOOOoooOOOoon.

Chase can play a guitar. We are not surprised.

Now if we scroll down even deeper into Chase’s Instagram, we’ll see a post of two guitars standing proud with the caption, “My children”. A poet AND a musician? Arghhhhh.

And here's a bit of proof of him playing one of these bad boys.

What’s his favourite food?

He made this one nice and simple for us: tacos.

What’s he up to rn?

Well by the looks of things, Chase is isolating in LA and posting plenty of throwbacks to the set of Outer Banks.

So, note to selves: learn the guitar, practice poetry, learn how to make the world’s best tacos and fly to LA as soon as legally possible. Excellent.

Now it’s time to comb back through Stranger Things to see his little appearance. And then re-watch Outer Banks, of course. We've got nothin' but time, baby.

Main Image Credit: Netflix.

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