SPOILERS: Michael Makes Another Drunken Scene & Embarrasses Nicole On 'Young Moms Club'


It's another week for the Young Moms Club, and Michael is embarrassing Nicole once again.

Last week, Michael and Nicole got into a huge fight at Heather's networking event when he rocked up drunk.

This week, Nicole asked for Heather's forgiveness, but moments later Michael turned up intoxicated...again.

Check out Michael and Nicole's altercation in the sneak peek clips below:

Michael tries to convince Nicole he's just drinking "water," but she's not convinced.

"It's not f*cking water, Michael," Nicole says. "F*ck you, you're a f*cking loser, you know that?"

Will Nicole and Michael ever make things work? Or should Nicole take the fellow mum's advice and cut ties.

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