Adele’s Internet-Breaking Pic Is A Reminder That We All Need To Do A Little Bit Better


Adele - queen of queen of our hearts - yesterday shared a pic thanking everyone for “the birthday love”. But instead of an extra hip, hip, hooray for her 32nd birthday, all ANYONE could talk about her was her weight loss.

Yes, we get it. Girl hit the gym, but so what?

You didn’t have to search far to stumble across plenty of rhetoric around how amazing she looked. People were spurting comments referencing her “jaw-dropping new bod” and this “shock new look” and quite frankly, we’re feeling a little funny about it all.

She looks incredible, no arguing that. But when the public start to compare her body from “before” to now and champion the change in weight - that’s when we get into dangerous territory.

The British singer-songwriter hired a personal trainer following her divorce last September and has previously stated she’s following a special diet and doing a lot of Pilates. 

The internet first went into meltdown after photos emerged of a “slimmer-looking” Adele after Drake’s birthday party in October. Then there was a second meltdown at a Christmas party, and then again after a beach shot in January. 

But no one was quite prepared for the social sh*tstorm we’re currently in. The comments section under the photo has been an infinite stream of both positive encouragement and general negative shook-ness. And Twitter, hoo boy Twitter is a hotbed for problematic comments taking us back 20 years in the battle against unrealistic body expectations.

Then there were the ol’ backhanded compliments: 'oh em gee you look stunning - we didn’t even recognise you!'

So is this whole “unrecognisable” but “beautiful” energy acceptable? Many have weighed in on the discussion, some saying feeding someone’s weight loss in this way actually sends a very dangerous message about body image. Celebrating Adele's weight loss, as a person of extreme fame, not only tells others who look up to her that this is the ideal, but it also is incredibly damaging to those who identify with her former body weight. If we're going to keep celebrating "skinny" how are we ever going to truly move forward with this conversation?

On top of all that, it’s 2020 so let’s stop attaching someone’s worth to their weight. Adele’s merit is her talent and also she’s a fkn great time and we’d like to be her friend if she’ll have us.

So while it might seem innocent enough to tell Adele how great she looks, let’s try and keep the whole “weight loss” angle out of it. Y'all are sounding fatphobic so get off the internet with your misguided comments.

She was just as beautiful last birthday as she is today. 

This article was written by Chrisanthi Kaliviotis.

Main Image Credit: Licensed by Getty.

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