Megan Thee Stallion Won't Stop Winning With 'Don't Stop'

Megan Thee Stallion's new single, "Don't Stop", has arrived.

Megan Thee Stallion can’t help but win. "Don't Stop" proves it.

In a year where everyone has been wondering when the bleakness will end, Megan has continued to forge her own victories and claw her way to gold medal after gold medal, even after being literally shot in the foot. Megan Thee Stallion reached global superstardom with “Savage”, and then doubled down with “WAP”, her Cardi B collaboration, both of which hit #1 on charts around the world. But where to after that? How does one keep that momentum going? For Megan, it was simple – she never stopped.

“Don’t Stop”, the latest cut from the Houston rapper, is thumping, nasty and raw. Over a beat that is so glitched out and crunchy, it sounds like it could’ve come from PC Music, Megan asserts her dominance over the globe once again – just in case you forgot who was in charge. 

“I’ve got a stank ass walk/and a reckless ass mouth” she begins, with strutting cadence and an endearing aloofness. She raps as if she’s got a cane in hand, with one leg over the throne. She's giving you commands. Her conviction means you will obey.

Young Thug’s appearance on the track is a surprising highlight. While Megan Thee Stallion’s flow is typically down-home and gritty, Young Thug's flow is whimsical and fantastical. He doesn’t rap with the same clarity that Megan does, but he milks every moment, making sure each bar sounds like he’s having even more fun than the last.

It’s fitting that the song comes coupled with a Colin Tilley-directed music video inspired by elements of Alice In Wonderland, because Megan’s role in modern pop culture somehow seeps into many facets of that world. She’s got Alice’s sense of exploration, the Cheshire Cat’s wryness, the Mad Hatter’s creativity and, perhaps most importantly, the Queen of Heart’s need to conquer. But there’s one key difference – the Queen of Hearts rules with fear. Megan? She rules with whatever the hell she chooses to. The world will love her either way.

Watch Megan Thee Stallion's music video for her new single, "Don't Stop", here...

Main Image Credit: YouTube, Megan Thee Stallion "Don't Stop"

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