ITZY's First Studio Album 'CRAZY IN LOVE' Is Bright And Full Of Bops

The Korean girl group explores love, self-love, and just general good vibes on their new album.

K-pop girl group ITZY are back with the official release of their first-ever studio album CRAZY IN LOVE, including title track “Loco”.

“Loco” is a catchy bop about, as you might have guessed, being crazy in love. It’s accompanied by a bright and colourful music video featuring fun set pieces, costuming that makes Cher’s Clueless wardrobe seem bland in comparison, and infectious choreography, including a scene where the five members dance on water.

In a livestream on Naver Now prior to the album launch, the ITZY members described being amazed by the music video set.

“This MV is really out of scale,” said Yuna according to fan translation, while Yeji added, “It really fits with the ‘Loco’ concept. It was lovely yet strong.” Lia described the song itself as addictive, while Ryujin said, “When I first heard it, I couldn’t sit still. It made me dance.”

The rest of the album tells a story of youthful exuberance and the mixed-up emotions that accompany coming of age, including frustrations, joy, and most of all, love. Second track “Swipe” is about rejecting creeps online (way too relatable). A fun, technology-themed music video for the B-side dropped today.

Other B-sides include “Sooo LUCKY” and “LOVE is”, which both explore more positive aspects of relationships and love. “#Twenty”, meanwhile, is about, well, being 20 (the ITZY member ages range from 17-21), and “B[OO]M-BOXX” is a tribute to dancing and having a good time. “Chillin Chillin” is about what we all dream of right now: going on a road trip with friends. Finally, “Gas Me Up” and “Mirror” are both self-love anthems focused on confidence and self-compassion in the face of anxiety and pressure.

The album is rounded out with instrumental versions of some of ITZY’s prior hits, including “DALLA DALLA” and “WANNABE”, plus an English version of “Loco”.

In their comeback livestream, Ryujin nominated “Gase Me Up” as her favorite song on the album. “The vibes are good, and it shows our confidence,” she said. Meanwhile, “LOVE is” was Lia and Chaeryeong’s nomination for the best song on the album.

ITZY will be performing on The Kelly Clarkson Show on September 27 (US time), so be ready to catch what will no doubt be an incredible performance on September 28 here in Australia!

Written by Jenna Guillaume, an entertainment journalist and author of YA rom-coms What I Like About Me and You Were Made For Me. Follow her at @jennaguillaume.

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