Check Out The First Trailer For The Brand New Season Of ‘Teen Mom Australia’

'Teen Mom Australia' is back for a brand-new second season, and it’s going to air right here on MTV as well as the brand new free-to-air channel 10 Shake.

“Welcome to the Motherhood”

Teen Mom Australia is officially back for a second season, airing on all our usual MTV channels as well as the brand new free-to-air channel, 10 Shake.

In Australia, a baby is born once every minute and 45 seconds. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, only 2.2% of those births are from teenage mums ­– something that is becoming increasingly rare in Australia. That's one of the many reasons – and yes, we're bias – why we love the show: it offers a crazy interesting insight into a life situation that’s becoming way less common.

Catch Aussie teen mums Ammi, Sita, Georgina and Tanisha as they are all put to the test navigating these unique circumstances when season 2 of Teen Mom Australia premieres on Tuesday, 27 October at 8.30pm.

What to expect from the second season? Glad you asked. Each episode will be filled with honest stories of what it’s like raising kids, while also trying to find the right balance between motherhood and being a teenager. There will be tears, tantrums, and tons of love. Plus, we've got a whole new mum entering the fold. 

Check out the trailer for the second season here:

Watch Ammi, Sita, Georgina and Tanisha on Teen Mom Australia season 2 when it premieres Tuesday, 27 October at 8.30pm on 10 Shake (a free-to-air first for the show) and on MTV on Foxtel (channel 124), Foxtel Now, Sky (015) and Fetch (104) at the same time.

In the meantime, you can watch all of Teen Mom Australia season 1 here.

Main Image Credit: Teen Mom Australia, MTV

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