David Dobrik Thought Now Would Be A Good Time To Throw Himself A Party

Tickets to the post-Lollapooza "house party" cost up to $1500 USD a pop.

CONTENT WARNING: This article mentions allegations of sexual assault. 

This year we’ve seen YouTuber David Dobrik make headlines for all the wrong reasons. In March 2021, an exposé published by Insider alleged that Dobrik was complicit in a sexual attack on a young woman involved in one of his YouTube videos back in 2018; of which all the disturbing details are laid out here.

The fallout to the allegations came quickly. A week after the allegations a major investor announced they were cutting all ties with the app. A flurry of sponsors have reportedly also cut ties with David Dobrik's YouTube channel, including DoorDash, EA Sports and Dollar Shave Club.

You have to admire Dobrik’s self-esteem, because despite everything he decided to throw a party last weekend in celebration of himself. Billed as a “house party” – despite happening in a Chicago bar –  tickets to the events cost up to $1500 USD a pop.

While we sadly could not make the event (wrong hemisphere), Insider reporter Ivan Moreno bagged a cheap ticket and documented his experience of the event. And look, I’m not a religious person. But I do think that if there was a hell, a purgatory of sorts; it would be something like this. Moreno's photos captured tacky booths, ice buckets flanked by bottles of champagne, and a whole lot of naked faces; despite the state of Chicago recommending face masks are worn indoors due to the new Delta variant of COVID-19. I literally have stress dreams about this exact scenario, so I'm sorry to have missed it.

Apparently Dobrik eventually made an appearance at the DJ deck at around 11pm, where he proceeded to take some footage of the crowd on his phone while everyone else tried to take photos and videos of him. Is this the end of culture? Probably.

It's unclear what Dobrik is trying to achieve, but this could be the YouTuber trying to make clear that he's back. While the 25-year-old recorded two apology videos (before kind of walking them back in an interview for Rolling Stone) and declaring he was taking a break from YouTube, he has now returned to uploading one video to the platform a week. 

Written by Reena Gupta, a Melbourne-based writer for MTV Australia. Follow her on Twitter @purpletank.

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