James Charles’ Comeback Is Not Going To Plan

His videos are reportedly ranking among the most unliked on YouTube.

Jessi Smiles Deserves Better

Gabbie Hanna, Curtis Lepore and Jessi Smiles find themselves once again embroiled in an internet-wide discussion around Smiles’ trauma. When will we realise that Jessi Smiles is so much more than that?

I Wonder How Wise It Is For James Charles To Declare His DMs ‘Open’

Perhaps read the room?

Ethan Klein Would've Preferred If Trisha Paytas Just Called

"It's nice that she's apologising after trying to ruin my life", he said of Trisha's 39-minute apology video.

Trisha Paytas Has Apologised To Ethan Klein For Their Podcast Feud

“I messed up and I sabotaged another good thing in my life".

Jeffree Star Is Done With Everyone Except "Great Friend" Shane Dawson

An inspired choice.

Vogue’s ‘Beauty Secrets’ Videos Sell Women The Same Old Lies

The celebrity beauty videos exploit zeitgeist sensibilities to remind women of the overriding importance of a beautiful face, writes Reena Gupta.

Worlds Have Collided: Khloé Kardashian & YouTuber Tana Mongeau Are Spatting.

(Sort of.)

Pressing Questions With Kath Ebbs

We accost the model and influencer with a medley of life's most pressing questions.

Tati Tries Her Utmost To Avoid The Elephant In The Room

YouTuber Tati Westbrook has returned to her channel, giving a life update and scrupulously avoiding Dramageddon 3.

Allow Jeffree Star To Clear Everything Up

"I'm definitely embarrassed by a lot of my old behaviour," Jeffree Star admits in an interview about his last few years of controversies.