Jeffree Star Files A Trademark For Butchering Business, Maintains His Yaks Are “Majestic Creatures”

The make-up mogul is exchanging YouTube beef for literal beef, apparently.

Jeffree Star has famously been involved in a lot of influencer beef during his time on the internet, but now he’s taking it a step further and is set to get involved in [checks notes] literal beef.

He recently left California in his wake to farm yaks in Wyoming – no Kanye West involved – and now he’s filed a trademark for a new brand Star Yak Ranch, which, according to Business Insider, will include “clothing, edible pet treats, and butchering services.”

Star’s wildly successful cosmetic empire pushed products that were vegan and cruelty-free, and this feels like a very sharp the complete opposite direction.

After people online noted the potential hypocrisy, Star popped up his bleached buzz cut and stepped in, expressing that the situation isn’t that simple.

Jumping on Snapchat – an ancient relic as far as I’m concerned, he might as well have transcribed his message on a cave wall – Star outlined the reasons for filing the trademark, saying that it was to prevent other people using the trademark in areas like butchering.

“So let's say I trademark it for yarn, cheese, breeding, butchering, et cetera, it doesn't mean I'm doing any of those things," Star said.

"When I'm laying on a yak and I'm naming them, nothing is happening except brushing them, loving them, and feeding them."

Wow, yaks are being brushed, loved and fed? Jealous.

"We've been filming so much stuff the last month, from the very first yak getting there until right now," Star said.

"Having a ranch has been so fulfilling. It's actually something I've dreamed about since I was little."

He also said that his yaks are “majestic creatures”, which just might be the most sensible thing Star has said in some time.

And, as Star continues to immerse himself in the world of yaks by promoting other yak farmers and documenting local farmers markets selling yak meat, I am thrust back to the University Of Newcastle where the student magazine I wrote for was titled...Yak.

Life comes at you fast, huh?

Written by Jackson Langford, senior music and culture writer at MTV Australia. Hot takes at @jacksonlangford and hotter pics at @jacksonlangford.

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