G Flip Just Came Out As Non-Binary

Only good things can come from more gender diverse musicians in Australian music.

Aussie music legend G Flip announced on Instagram yesterday that they're non-binary and will be using they/them pronouns from now on.

In a heart-warming post penned in true G Flip vernacular, they announced the exciting news, along with some childhood photos of them looking extra sweet in Collingwood Magpies merch.

"I’m non-binary mother fuckers!" the singer songwriter announced in their post.

"Big props to those who have been educating and advocating for the ENBY community the last few years. Looking into what it means to be non-binary had me realise that that’s who I’ve been my entire life. Gonna use they/them pronouns from now on too.

"I’m still the exact same person, non-binary is just the best way to explain who I am and how I’ve always felt, like a gender smoothie.... also go pies "

G Flip's coming out feels like a huge moment – especially for a certain someone who deeply vibes the idea of a gender smoothie. The fact that the catalyst for G Flip discovering their identity was them learning about the gender diverse community, in itself, is pretty huge. As more and more discussions around trans allyship and trans and gender diverse identities are happening, we're seeing the wonderful side effect of folks stumbling upon language and a community that reflects who they've always been.

Growing up in a world that doesn't always encourage open conversations around gender diversity can mean that many trans or non binary people can go a long time, if not their entire lives, without discovering who they are. When binary notions of gender are drilled into us from early childhood, it can be hard to grapple with feelings of being different, let alone develop the language to articulate an experience we think we’re the only ones having.

That's why representation is such a big deal. When people trying to understand their identity head online and see high profile trans people like Elliot Page, Sam Smith or Demi Lovato (who came out just last month), they can see people just like them living out and proud.

Many of the trans folks I know can relate to what G Flip touches on – it was the curious 'researching' into the trans community that finally gave us that aha moment, and changed our lives.

G Flip coming out as non binary is also a massive deal for trans representation in the Australian music scene. Carving out representation in any industry is important, let alone a space that can sometimes feel like a Boys Club. G Flip, with their fanbase growing out of control and their back to back achievements including hitting almost every major festival stage across the country, will inspire so many folks to learn about the trans community, while creating visibility for our often under-represented community on a major scale.

They'll be joining the community of other local non-binary musicians such as imbi, Lonelyspeck and Rachel Maria Cox, who have been making great tunes lately, all while creating space and visibility for the trans community on stages around the country.

While huge things continue to happen for the Aussie music industry, any instance of exciting and authentic diversity on stage can only bring overwhelmingly positive benefits.

Remind us to make a 'non binary bangers' playlist and excitedly add the entire G Flip catalogue.

In the meantime, if you're looking for amazing trans and gender diverse Australian artists to stream, head here.

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