BTS' Soundcloud Is Full Of Hidden Treasures

A deep dive into BTS' Soundcloud, courtesy of MTV contributor Jenna Guillaume, reveals a treasure trove of lesser-known gems.

BTS are prolific. Over the past eight or so years, they’ve produced a massive nine studio albums and six EPs (not to mention soundtrack contributions, compilation albums, and single albums). But that’s not all – they also have a Soundcloud on which they consistently release music for free, whether it be individually, in sub-units, or as a group. Their Soundcloud is a treasure trove of songs that remains untapped for many. Here’s a guide to some of the highlights you can find hidden away on the group's Soundcloud. 

Pre-debut previews

BTS started their Soundcloud long before their official debut in June 2013, giving potential fans hints of what they could do. As BTS were a hip hop-focused group leading up to and after their debut, this early stuff reflects that, with most of it coming from the rapline, typically taking existing tracks and putting their own spin on them. This includes songs like “Rap Monster” by RM (then known as Rap Monster) and Suga’s “Dream Money”, as well as collabs with vocal line members such as “Like a Star” by RM and Jungkook, and “Adult Child” by RM, Suga, and Jin. There’s also “A Typical Trainee’s Christmas”, which is a tongue-in-cheek take on “Last Christmas” featuring all the members.

Solo releases

While BTS have solo songs along with group tracks on their main albums, they also all work on their own personal music, which showcases their distinct styles. RM was the first of the members to put out his own mixtape, RM, which has the title track “Awakening”, in 2015. He followed it up with a second mixtape, Mono, with title track “Forever Rain”, in 2018. While he’s said he’s currently working on a third mixtape, there’s no sign of when that may come; in the meantime he recently released the chill song “Bicycle” as a gift to fans for BTS’s 8th anniversary in June.

Suga has also released two mixtapes, using the pseudonym Agust D: 2016’s Agust D with title track “Agust D”, and 2020’s D-2 with title track “Daechwita”. J-Hope has released one mixtape, Hope World, in 2018, along with title track “Daydream”. He’s also working on another mixtape, and has previously released one-off songs “1 Verse” and “Chicken Noodle Soup”.

While Jungkook and V have both mentioned that they’re working on mixtapes of their own, so far they’ve released individual songs on Soundcloud: “Still With You” from Jungkook and “Scenery”, “Winter Bear”, and “Snow Flower” from V. Jimin and Jin, meanwhile, have each released two solo songs: “Promise” and “Christmas Love” from Jimin, and “Tonight” and “Abyss” by Jin.

Sub-unit songs

Sometimes various BTS members will collaborate on a song to release on Soundcloud together, whether that be an adapted version of an existing song, or something entirely new. These sub-unit tracks include “95 Graduation” by Jimin and V, a tribute to their friendship and their time in high school together; “Christmas Day” by Jimin and Jungkook, a sweet holiday love song adapted from Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe”; the mellow “4 O’Clock” by RM and V, which the pair co-wrote and co-produced together; and “Ddaeng” by RM, Suga, and J-Hope, an iconic Rap Line diss track that the trio co-wrote and co-produced for their sixth anniversary as a group.


BTS’s soundcloud is full of adapted music the members have added their own lyrics to, but the vocal line members also share a lot of straightforward covers of their favourite songs. Jungkook in particular has shared a lot, including “Lost Stars”, “Paper Hearts”, “Nothing Like Us”, “2U”, and “10,000 Hours”, as well as “Fools”  in collaboration with RM. Jin has released a few covers, including “엄마” (“Mum”) and “In Front of the Post Office in Autumn”, while V has covered “Someone Like You” as well as “Hug Me” with J-Hope.

Remixes and extended tracks

While BTS have a lot of official remixes, they also sometimes release unofficial ones on Soundcloud — including “Spring Day (Brit Rock Remix)”, “Young Forever (Unplugged Version)”, Jungkook’s “Euphoria (DJ Swivel Forever Remix)”, and the Christmas version of Jin’s “Awake”. There’s also “Monterlude” by RM — his personal take on “Interlude” off BTS’s debut album 2 Cool 4 Skool, as well as an alternate version of Suga’s “So Far Away” featuring Jin and Jungkook, and the full version of J-Hope’s “Blue Side”, which was originally a short outro on his mixtape Hope World.

Gifts for fans

Everything BTS drops on Soundcloud is a gift for fans, but there are some songs that are specifically for or about fans, or about BTS’s story in a way that they want to communicate especially to fans. This includes the emotional track “Born Singer”, released just a month after they had debuted, as well as “So 4 More”, which they dropped for their first anniversary in 2014. Meanwhile, RM wrote the song “I Know” as an unofficial fan song, and recorded it together with Jungkook for the group’s third anniversary.

Written by Jenna Guillaume, an entertainment journalist and author of YA rom-coms What I Like About Me and You Were Made For Me. Follow her at @jennaguillaume.

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