BTS and Coldplay’s Collaboration “My Universe” Is Out Of This World

The two very different bands have come together for a musical meeting of minds.

BTS Are Back With A Smooth "Butter" Remix Featuring Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion took her record label to court in order to release the song.

The Socially Conscious Core of BTS

BTS' music comes with a deeper meaning, writes MTV Contributor Sevana Ohandjanian.
Members of BTS stand in a formation from screen capture from the Permission To Dance music video

BTS Officially Cancel Their ‘Map Of Soul’ Tour

For tens of thousands of BTS fans holding out hope for the postponed tour (including me), news of its cancellation is devastating.

BTS' Soundcloud Is Full Of Hidden Treasures

A deep dive into BTS' Soundcloud, courtesy of MTV contributor Jenna Guillaume, reveals a treasure trove of lesser-known gems.
BTS new single butter group posing with red wall in suits

BTS And The Power Of Loving Yourself

BTS’ Love Yourself era has empowered a new generation of fans to strive for self-acceptance, writes Sevana Ohandjanian.
BTS eating Mcdonalds meal BTS meal chips mcnuggets

Macca’s Now Has A BTS Meal, So I Sprinted To My Local To Try It Out

The 10-piece McNugget meal is another step in the Korean band's journey to total global domination.

BTS's New Song "Butter" Is A Record-Smashing Bop

The Korean group’s second English single broke YouTube premiere records and melted millions of fan hearts around the world.

BTS Has Once Again Been The Subject Of Racist "Comedy” & It Needs To Stop

A TV network in Chile is the latest in a long line of global media to come under fire for anti-Asian portrayals of the Korean superstars.

Tash Sultana To Grace The Stage In ‘MTV Unplugged’ In Melbourne

What’s MTV Unplugged Melbourne got up its sleeves for you next month, you ask? It’s only the wildly talented singer/songwriter/producer/engineer Tash Sultana.

BTS's Grammy's stage brought "Dynamite" full circle

Through more than 30 performances of their hit song “Dynamite”, BTS showcased their versatility and told their story in their own unique way.