G Flip's 'I'd Rather Go To Bed' Is What Dreams Are Made Of

G Flip’s latest single “I’d Rather Go To Bed” offers something altogether unexpected for fans of the superstar Aussie artist.

You can just imagine what the dreams of G Flip must look like. Georgia Flipo is an artist that bursts with smiles, laughter, neon and mismatched clothing at any given opportunity, so one could only surmise that her subconscious is swimming with colours we can't even conceive of. But, with her new single, "I'd Rather Go To Bed", we see a new side to the recent MTV EMA winner. Her reality isn't so colourful anymore.

Flipo says in a press statement that she wrote the song during "a very depressive time" in her life, and you can hear that melancholy instantly. Instead of opening with the punchy synths or the rolling barrage of percussion we've come to expect from G Flip, "I'd Rather Go To Bed" opens with muted and dusked notes that immediately grab a hold of you and calm you down. A lullaby in nature, the song delicately tiptoes along as she sings of her dreary reality: "Every day I feel alone, if I'm honest". (The song was written during Melbourne's extensive second lockdown.)

But that loneliness is quelled when G Flip begins to dream, and the song perks up during its chorus. It still isn't the electrifying surge of energy fans might be used to, but Flip does well to mix some sunbeam synths to the sombre ones that float throughout the song. Suddenly, the song fills with quite a dark version of hope: nothing's wrong when we're asleep, when we have limited control over what faraway place our mind wants to take us. It's when we're awake that the trouble starts, "This day I fucking dread, if I'm honest". It's that deep sense of vulnerability that anchors the song and makes "I'd Rather Go To Bed" one of G Flip's best offerings in recent months.

G Flip's mere presence is loud. She has a signature style, an ear-to-ear grin and music that you can feel pulsing through your veins from start to finish. "I'd Rather Go To Bed" goes against all that, showing a more subdued musician. It arrests you in its vulnerability, comforts you with its relatability but warms you with the glimmer of hope that there's always something worth surviving another day for, even if it's just another snooze. In "I'd Rather Go To Bed", G Flip might not be making as much noise as usual, but she's coming in loud and clear.

Watch the music video for G Flip's new song "I'd Rather Go To Bed" here:

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Written by Jackson Langford, music contributor at MTV Australia. Hot takes at @jacksonlangford and hotter pics at @jacksonlangford.

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