How Everything's Going With Zac Efron & New Girlfriend Vanessa Valladares

An update on Zac Efron and Australian Vanessa Valladares' relationship, just 'cos.

An update on American actor Zac Efron and Australian Vanessa Valladares' relationship, just 'cos.

Ever since we first got wind that Zac Efron and former Byron Bay General Store waitress Vanessa Valladares had started dating, we’ve lapped up every detail of their relationship. Yep, the goings-on of Zac and Vanessa have been the light distraction we all needed in these dark days, and thankfully there's been many (albiet, small) details to update you on.

Let's rewind: we know that Zac and new girlfriend Vanessa Valladares started hanging out in July, just a few months after Efron was first seen in Byron. We know that back in September they took a ski trip together. And we know that Vanessa has since spent heaps of time at his house, which is fair enough considering the state of the place.

But, it's been a few months now, so what's been going on more recently with the pair? Well, apparently their relationship is very serious, with Vanessa Valladares reported to be living with Zac Efron in Byron Bay, in between trips to Bondi of course.

Here's what People's source knows: "Zac and Vanessa are very happy. They celebrated Zac's birthday with friends before the weekend. Their relationship is very serious. Vanessa lives with Zac in Byron Bay." Huge.

Pics of Efron and Valladares heading to said 33rd birthday (also attended by Kyle Sandilands, Pat Rafter and Liam and Chris Hemsworth's dad, Craig – an odd group, it must be said) are here.

The last we’d heard of Zac, he’d been spotted in Sydney's Bondi by Bachelor winner Laura Byrne. “Do you know who I saw in Bondi? ... Zac f---ing Efron. I am not joking," she said on her podcast Life Uncut.

"I walked past and I saw this guy in the window and I thought, 'Ah, he's good looking,' and I looked at his face and I was like, 'Holy s--t, that's Zac Efron. And he saw that I saw him and he saw that I recognised him. It was 100 per cent Zac Efron. He's in Bondi. All you single ladies, get down here!"

Last month, another source told People the High School Musical actor had been "renting a house minutes from the beach" in Byron, but added that Zac had been looking to buy. "It really seems he plans on staying in Australia permanently," they said.

Interesting, considering that last month Efron was cast in yet another Hollywood movie. A month after being confirmed to star in a Disney+ remake of the 1980s classic Three Men And A Baby, Efron scored another role – this time as the lead in a movie based on Stephen King’s novel, Firestarter.

No word yet on when either of these projects will start filming, but the castings do suggest Efron is inevitably going to have to leave Byron Bay sometime in the not-so-distant future. Wonder whether Vanessa Valladares will come with?

PS. Some things to keep you busy till our next Zefron update: a deep dive on Vanessa Valladares plus I would also highly suggest getting across Efron's rugged new look.

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