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Life Is Stressful Enough Without Zac Efron and Jessica Alba’s Fake Movie Trailers

Though to be fair, I would see this Wes Anderson movie in a heartbeat.
Composite photo of Jessica Alba and Zac Efron

Zac Efron And Jessica Alba Just Dropped A Trailer For An Action Movie That Doesn't Exist

Why would they do this?
Zac Efron beekeeping suit with bees in down to earth documentary series netflix

Even Zac Efron Isn’t At Ease In This World

His New ‘Down To Earth’ documentary makes the fact abundantly clear.
Neil Patrick Harris Poses In Beige Patterned Shirt

For The Love Of God Will These Celebrities Stop

Neil Patrick Harris is the latest famous person to travel to Australia in a global pandemic.
Zac Efron smiles at camera smirk on red carpet

Zac Efron Is At It Again

I cannot keep up with this man and his Australian escapades.

Every Zac Efron Movie, Ranked

I went back and watched every Zac Efron film. Here are my unsolicited thoughts and feelings.

Feast Your Eyes On The Lush NSW Bush Property Just Purchased By Zac Efron. That’s Right, He's Staying Here For Good.

Zac Efron is selling his LA mansion and becoming one of us.

Zac Efron & His Byron Bay GF Vanessa Valladares Have Reportedly Broken Up

Tabloids (and for some reason, Kylie Sandilands) are convinced this time they’re broken up for good.

The Forthcoming Netflix Series ‘Byron Bae’ Is Getting Serious Flack From Byron Locals

Byron Bay locals are grouping together to oppose the production of the new Australian reality show ‘Byron Baes’.

The Endless, Meditative Appeal Of Zac Efron

One writer dares to ask the question that haunts a generation: why do we love Zac Efron so much?

Zac Efron Would Like To Make It Clear He Has Abs

The Australian-based actor took to the gram to spruik a sock brand, providing a fitness update while he was at it.