Why Crystals Rock And How To Cultivate Your Collection: A Complete Guide To Unearthing The Right Gems

Learn everything there is to know about Crystal Rocks, from how to start a Crystal Rock collection, how to use them, how to cleanse them and much more.

Maybe it started with a glittering amethyst cluster on a friend's windowsill, a softly glowing palm stone in a shop window or the first time you saw an open geode in primary school science. Or maybe you're just looking for something calming to help you get through another crazy year. Whatever brought you here, you're starting to realise that you're crystal-curious.

How do you start a crystal collection?

It can all feel a bit overwhelming at first. Not everybody can, or wants to, jump in feet first Spencer Pratt style. Your best bet is to visit a highly rated crystal store and just browse – see what catches your eye and get a feel for the variety of gems available.

For more info, we talked with Asmara, an Energetic Healer, from The Rock Crystal Shop, one of Sydney's oldest and most respected crystal sellers. When she's not practising healing or spending time on her own collection, Asmara is in the Newtown store, guiding both experienced and first-time collectors through the experience.

How do you choose a crystal?

Collectors will tell you that the stone chooses you as much as you choose it. "If you're drawn to a particular crystal, don't try and rationalise it," says Asmara. "It doesn't matter if it's the colour, the shape or the style that caught your eye. Trust your instincts, handle the stone, focus on it and see if the pull is still there, if the connection you're feeling deepens."

Asmara explains that even though different types of crystals are known for certain properties, the connection someone feels with a stone is the key. "It's a relationship, an exchange of energies. Trust your feelings and explore the mental, emotional or spiritual energy you're feeling." And while your instincts are the most important thing, don't be afraid to ask for guidance.

How do you use crystals?

Crystals can bring a beautiful, natural vibe to your room, improve your energy levels, be worn as jewellery, used as part of your meditation practise, charge your water and be used to heal body, mind and soul.

Learning about crystals

The list of available crystals and their active properties is, literally, encyclopaedic. If you like to immerse yourself in a new passion, The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall is your friend. There are also a host of great podcasts worth following.

Your first crystals

The best known and most used crystals are beloved for good reason, they're all aspected towards universal issues and desires.

Clear quartz: the stone of clarity. Used to clear your thoughts and feelings, and highly receptive to projected energy and ideas.

Rose quartz: the love stone. Used to enhance and heighten love, or attract love to you. And who doesn't want a bit of that?

Amethyst: the stone of spirituality. Wear it as jewellery, use it to focus while meditating and to as a guide on your spiritual journey.

Black tourmaline: the guardian stone. Known for its protective energy, black tourmaline helps keep negative energy at bay.

How do you cleanse crystals?

Crystals need to be periodically cleansed to remove accumulated energy or charged to energise them. Asmara talked us through the most effective, and commonly used, methods.

Smoke: sage, smudging, incense, any kind of fragrant smoke is a simple and safe way to cleanse your crystals and has its roots in many religious and shamanistic practises.

Water: some crystals can be cleansed by being placed in clean water. But, not all crystals. This is doubly important if you plan to charge water. If you don't know, ask!

Salt: place your crystals on a bed of salt, for an hour, a day, or overnight. The protective and purifying qualities of salt have a long and storied history.

Earth: earth is a good way to cleanse and ground crystals, you can place them at the base of a plant or tree. Exhausted crystals can be restored by burying them in clean earth for a month.


How do you charge crystals?

Light: the most common way is to use a natural light source. Moonlight is the best known method, but Asmara believes that using sunlight and moonlight balances the stone's energies.

Meditation: as you become more connected to your crystals, you can charge them with your own positive energy by focusing on a particular stone while meditating.

Crystal laying: lie down, relax and place your crystals on their corresponding chakras. This is a good way to infuse stones with sympathetic energy.

Where should you buy your stones?

There are great crystal shops across Australia, and some reputable online sources. Our recommendations all come highly rated, but always ask other crystal collectors too.

Sydney: The Rock Crystal Shop, Mineralism, The Crystal Gallery

Melbourne: Sacred Source, Crystal Heart, Crystal World

Brisbane: Crystal Box, Casa Alhambra

Perth: The Blue Budha, Crystal & Stone, Crystal Vibes

Adelaide: Carpe Diem with Remi, Crystal Wave, Eternal Spirit

Darwin: Avalon In La'Kesh

Hobart: Wishing Well, Gifts from Gaia

Canberra: The Crystal Chalice, The Heirophant

Online: AP Crystals, Ebay

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