The Grammys

BTS's Grammy's stage brought "Dynamite" full circle

Through more than 30 performances of their hit song “Dynamite”, BTS showcased their versatility and told their story in their own unique way.

Please Enjoy Watching Megan Thee Stallion Win A Grammy Accompanied By Beyoncé

A Grammys award speech accompanied by a coy Beyoncé? Megan Thee Stallion can cross that one off her bucket list.

Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B’s First-Ever Grammys Performance Of “WAP” Was Impossible To Censor, Thankfully

An even cleaner version of “WAP” manages to be almost dirtier on the Grammys stage.

Taylor Swift's ‘Folklore' Medley At The 2021 Grammys Soothed My Soul

Be still my beating heart: Taylor just peformed at the Grammys.

Billie Eilish Delivered A Haunting Performance Of “Everything I Wanted”

Billie Eilish defined the opening to the 2021 Grammy Awards.

For This Year’s Grammy Awards, Kevin Parker Came Dressed As Tame Impala

The Perth-based singer went all out for this year’s Grammys in baroque, Italianate opulence.

Every Single Winner At The 2021 Grammys

the complete winners list for the 2021 Grammys.

How To Watch The Grammys In Australia

Wondering how to watch the 2021 grammys in australia? You've come to the right place. Everything you need to know below.

The Weeknd Accuses The Grammys Of Being 'Corrupt'

The Canadian artist has taken a shot at the awards show, demanding more “transparency” around the selection process.