Courtney Barnett Is On The Fence

At a time when opinion is currency, Courtney Barnett is one of the few public figures who doesn’t claim to have all the answers. Instead, her new album, ‘Things Take Time, Take Time’, muses on modern life with all its complexities, frustrations and beauty.
Jesy Nelson supplied image solo artist debut

Jesy Nelson On Life After Little Mix

On the cusp of her highly anticipated solo debut, Jesy Nelson sat down with MTV.

Pressing Questions With GRAACE

We accost Sydney muso GRAACE with a medley of our most pressing questions.

Interview: ENHYPEN's Debut Year In Their Own Words

The fourth generation K-Pop stars talk to MTV Australia about their new album, overcoming COVID, and celebrating a year together.
Aurelia St Clair posing in yellow shirt

Pressing Questions With Aurelia St Clair

We accost rising comedian Aurelia St Clair with a medley of life's most pressing questions.
Spacey Jane new photo new single lunchtime

Spacey Jane Are Not OK, And That’s Fine By Them

Off the back of their sunny yet sad new single “Lunchtime”, Spacey Jane frontman Caleb Harper opens up about mental health, the band’s forthcoming second album and his overwhelming sense of ‘fuck this’.

Wonho On New EP 'Blue Letter': “It Was Time For Me To Convey My Innermost Feelings”

The South Korean star opened up to MTV Australia about creating during COVID, and the deep connection he has with his fans.

Home Is Wherever Ngaiire Is

Ngaiire started writing her third album ‘3’ in 2017. Since then, she gave birth despite painful complications, visited her home of Papua New Guinea before COVID-19 forced her departure and lived through historic social justice movements. Now, as ‘3’ finally arrives, Ngaiire tells MTV Australia about how everything’s changed and how she’s learned to accept it.

TXT On Their New Album, Their Creative Process And The Things Worth Fighting For

Tomorrow X Together talked to MTV Australia about ‘The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE’ and what’s happening in their lives as they reach greater and greater heights.

Pressing Questions With Thandi Phoenix

We accost MTV Sounds radio host and musician Thandi Phoenix with a medley of life’s most pressing questions.
Miss Blanks posing in black hat and black dress against white background, glancing off camera

The Metamorphosis Of Miss Blanks

The Brisbane rapper is back with "Fly High", her first song since 2019. She chats to MTV Australia about how stepping away has made her better, and what's keeping the wind beneath her wings.