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MTV and CMT Playlist Additions: 23rd January, 2021
Check out what's new to the channels this week.
All Is Not Well In Jeffree Star & Shane Dawson’s Friendship, Close Friends Say
In the wake of Trisha Paytas and Shane Dawson’s public friendship breakup over Jeffree Star, a former friend of Star’s has revealed more about Dawson and Star’s supposed ‘friendship’.
'Let's Start Fresh': Joe Biden Calls For Unity In Inauguration Speech
'Together, we shall write an American story of hope not fear, of unity not division, of light not darkness.'
Lady Gaga Really Belted Out The US National Anthem At Joe Biden's Inauguration
Jennifer Lopez likewise sang on the steps of the US capitol.
Amanda Bynes, Rapper?
Former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes makes an unexpected rap debut.
It Appears Olivia Rodrigo's 'Drivers License' Is Taking Over The World
Get in loser, we're going to the top of the charts.
All The Insufferable Moments From The Tennis Players Stuck In Quarantine, Ranked
Melbourne's trapped the world's top tennis players in hotel quarantine. Here’s how they’re (not) coping.
How To Live Large And Spend Less – A New Approach To Budgeting, Plus The Best Money-Saving Apps To Download ASAP
Choose saving over spending with best budget saving apps that’ll help guarantee your financial wellbeing. Money problems cause endless distress – learn how to spend less and save more for a better life.
'Bridgerton' Doesn't Know What Racial Universe It Exists In
‘Bridgerton’ boasts a multiethnic cast to enliven the period drama genre. But the show’s handling of ‘race’ is its biggest weakness.
A Short History of Trisha Paytas & Shane Dawson’s Friendship Breakup
Trisha Paytas and Shane Dawson have had one hell of a falling out this week. Here, we draw a line in the sand around the bizarre friendship that was.
'What Francesca Farago’s New Relationship Means To A Bisexual Like Me'
The two reality stars recently confirmed their relationship on Instagram. Here’s why that’s such a big deal