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The Audacity Of The Biopic

TV titans Frank Spotnitz and Freddie Highmore believed they could add layers to the greatest artistic figure humanity has ever seen in their new show, 'Leonardo'. It’s a testament to them that they may have just pulled it off.

Nicole Richie Setting Her Hair On Fire While Blowing Out Bday Candles Is All Of Us This Year

Nicole Richie’s hair caught fire as she blew out candles celebrating her 40th birthday, a perfect summary of how 2021 has treated us.

Don’t Freak Out But Netflix’s Britney Spears Doco Is Dropping On Monday

Just as things begin to look up for Britney Spears, Netflix comes swooping in with a trailer for their new doco 'Britney vs Spears'. Oh, and the whole thing is out next week.

Trisha Paytas Just Deleted Over One Thousand Videos Off Their YouTube Channel

The deleted videos had amassed over one billion views in total.

Shane Dawson Might Be Returning To YouTube, But Does Anyone Give A Shit?

Controversial YouTuber star Shane Dawson has been hinting at his return to the platform after a long absence, but a recent study shows that interest in him in dropping hard and fast.

Lil Nas X Strips It All Back In New Cover Of 'Jolene'

In contrast to his usual choreo-heavy, visionary performances, his cover of the Dolly Parton classic is a relatively low-key affair.

The Emmys Made Lockdown Worse

Stir-crazy writer Nick Bhasin shares his thoughts on the 2021 Emmys, from Rita Wilson’s rapping(?!) to the collective desperation of awards show Twitter.

Halsey’s Powerful New Era Continues

Get lost in her new live music video for “I’m Not a Woman, I’m a God”.

Behind-The-Scenes Intel From 'The Masked Singer Australia'

We asked the unmasked piñata, Lote Tuqiri, for the lowdown on this utterly chaotic reality show.

Every Song On 'MONTERO', Ranked

Lil Nas X’s debut album, ‘MONTERO’, has arrived. Here, MTV music contributor Jackson Langford ranks each of its 15 powerful tracks.

10 Years Ago, Azealia Banks Was Set For World Domination

In 2011, rapper Azealia Banks dropped her debut single ‘212’. It was a critically acclaimed festival and club classic, but its maker’s penchant for controversy saw her career take a different turn. Now, 10 years on, Jackson Langford looks back at Banks’ many twists and turns, and the contradictions it has illuminated.