Jeffree Star Claims He & Shane Dawson Had COVID-19 Back In February

In his new YouTube video, Jeffree Star casually dropped the bombshell news that he, Shane Dawson, and several of his employees, had coronavirus back in February.

The YouTube star reckons he had coronavirus back in February 2020. 

Trust Jeffree Star to casually drop in that he, fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson, Star’s live-in assistant, Madison, and a bunch of 'employees' of his had COVID-19 back in February.

In his new video, “I’m NEVER Dating Again … We Need To Talk”, Star says right at the end: “I don’t think I’ve ever said this out loud, I don’t know why I never talk about it, but way back in February, me, Shane, Madison and a bunch of my employees had COVID.”

He continues: “So I had it so long ago. I’ve gotten tested a lot. We’ve done a lot of photoshoots. And I get tested all the time and I’ve never retested [positive].”

He then goes to reveal that he supposedly caught the deadly virus while on a trip to the Dominican Republic and that it gave him the “craziest fever”. “I was just like ‘ugh’ the whole time … had no energy,” he says. “And then a few weeks later, it was like a switch – I felt great again. And I’ve never felt sick again. But be safe out there – it’s a crazy world.”

Interestingly, Star himself doesn’t seem to be being too ‘safe’ himself. Even in this recent video, which features workmen and others outside his household, only one person is wearing a mask. There's also talk of a big Halloween party, which should go down well.

His claims are supported by bestie Shane Dawson. Back in March, Shane Dawson said in a series of Instagram Stories that he thought he and Jeffree Star had the virus. He explained that he’d had flu-like symptoms and never-ending sickness in January and February and, not realising he was contagious, had possibly infected Jeffree Star, Star’s assistant Madison, his fiancé Ryland Adams, sister-in-law Morgan Adams and his video editor, Andrew Siwicki.

Of course, all these distracting headlines in Star’s new video are serving a very convenient purpose for the Jeffree Star Cosmetics CEO, who was accused of physical and mental abuse a week ago. (Fans and critics alike have been waiting for him to address these disturbing allegations since the report first broke.) 

Whether or not Star, Dawson, or anyone else in their gang actually contracted coronavirus back in February – before the first case of the virus was confirmed in the Dominican Republic – is anyone's guess. Either way, it's certainly an opportune time for Star to bring it up.    

Watch Jeffree Star's latest YouTube video, "I’m NEVER Dating Again.. We Need To Talk." below, or even better, read our recap here.

Main Image Credit: YouTube

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