Trisha Paytas Thinks Shane Dawson Is The 'Greatest Human' & Can't Wait For His 'Comeback'

YouTuber Trisha Paytas has come to disgraced YouTuber Shane Dawson's defence – and called out Jada Pinkett Smith in the process.

YouTuber Trisha Paytas has come to disgraced YouTuber Shane Dawson's defence – and called out an unsuspecting Jada Pinkett Smith in the process. 

Yet again, more fuel was added to the Shane Dawson controversy (bon)fire, with friend Trisha Paytas coming to his defence in a video posted to her (also incredibly popular) YouTube channel.

In the clip titled ‘the internet SUCKS without Shane Dawson (big rant!!!!)”, Trisha dived into an expletive-laden rant, saying that while she agreed he should be held accountable, she didn’t think he deserved to be cancelled. If you didn't know, Shane had been flimed in the past using blackface, spouting various offensive words against POCs and joking about paedophilia. The videos recently resurfaced after he made a dramatic exit from the Beauty YouTuber world that very much backfired.

“Can we just talk about Shane for a minute?” she said in the middle of the video. “I don’t want to harp too much on it, or talk about his personal business or whatever. But he’s just the fucking greatest guy, I’m going to say that.”

She continued: “He is just the fucking greatest human in the world and the hate campaign against him earlier this year was so unwarranted and so disgusting and so vile. I get it – hold people fucking accountable. But Shane has apologised so many times. Shane hasn’t made those jokes since I’ve known him – 2014.”

Trisha went on to say that while she agreed the jokes were “gross”, there were also “gross jokes” on Family Guy – yet, she said, no one was questioning the show’s writer.

“Shane is YouTube,” Trisha said. “He’s the most fucking creative and most talented person on Planet Earth. But aside from that, so fucking nice and so fucking empathetic. Honestly, fuck the internet. And I can’t wait for his comeback and it may not be YouTube but his creative comeback. And I can’t wait for all these fake ass bitches to come back around and praise him and shit. No.”

The rant also saw Trisha call out Jada Pinkett Smith. After a video showing Shane pretending to masturbate over a then-11-year-old Willow Smith resurfaced, Jada had hit back, saying: “To Shane Dawson … I’m done with the excuses.”

“Jada Pinkett Smith, really?” Trisha said in the new video. “How about worry about your daughter being naked in bed at 13 with her 20-year-old boyfriend on the Internet? How about worry that? How about worry about your fucking cheating husband fucking my male dancers when they didn’t want to?” Really charming.

She finished: “It just pisses me the fuck off – sorry. Sorry for my rant but I miss him. I miss him on fucking YouTube.”

This isn’t the first time Trisha’s come to Dawson's defence. Back in July, she said that while she didn’t condone his behaviour, all of it had been before she’d become friends with him. “I’ve NEVER heard this kind of stuff from him since,” she wrote. “He’s taken accountability for this and other poor taste comments.”

She added that he wasn’t “evil” or “a monster”. “He has taken care of his family, friends, fans and even complete strangers,” she said. “He’s quietly helped change lives and no one will ever see that cause of his humility.”

It's important to note that while yes, Dawson, has 'apologised' for his previous behaviour; he's also a blame-shifting extraordinaire; and has worked hard over the years to separate 'past Shane' from his supposed 'present Shane'. All his many troublesome actions that led him to this point were committed by Shane Dawson and not all that long ago; as much as he'd like us to overlook it. If you'd like a complete wrap-up of this behaviour, we suggest you watch commentator D'Angelo Wallace's video on the situation, but we should warn you, it's quite graphic in nature.

Many people haven't taken to Shane Dawson's most recent apology video in which Trisha refers. Commenters saw it as a pre-emptive attempt by the YouTuber to get out ahead of the bad news stories that he knew would be coming by reframing the narrative. Many also didn’t like that Dawson said he “should lose everything” for his past behaviour but didn’t, like Jenna Marbles, say, actually just quit YouTube altogether. It seemed to imply that he hoped that this would all blow over. The comments from Trisha confirm that that is what those in Shane's camp are hoping for – and, all too worringly, might actually achieve.  

Watch all of Trisha Paytas' bizarre rant below – she gets into it around the 9:10 mark. As for everything Shane Dawson has been up to since the scandal(s) broke? Head here.

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